Get the Most Out of Your Apple Music Subscription With These Tips

A woman holding an apple and her iPhone, listening to music, and smiling
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This is the digital age, so if you really want to control your favorite songs and have them at your fingertips, you need a subscription-based music streaming service like Apple Music.

Instead of paying $24 per CD or flipping through preset radio stations hoping to hear a song you kind of, sort of like, Apple Music gives you access to impressive features that maximize your listening experience.

Choose from the entire iTunes catalog (if you’re counting, it includes 50 million songs) to stream your favorite jams on-demand and access all of your music in one place.

These clever but simple tips will help you get the most out of your subscription.

Customize Your Library

Just like Hulu and Netflix learn more about your viewing preferences by asking you to select TV shows and movies that you like, Apple Music customizes your playlist suggestions by giving you a chance to select your favorite genres, artists, and songs. The more you listen to Apple Music, the better it can predict your listening habits and make customized suggestions.

You also directly customize your library using these techniques:

  • Use the “Edit” button in the top right to select which headings you want to make visible. Heading options include playlists, artists, albums, songs, music videos, genres, compilations, composers, and downloaded music.
  • Use the “Sort” button to select the organization of your albums and songs. This makes browsing more convenient based on your preferences.

Interact With Loves and Likes

Apple Music offers interactive buttons to designate whether you love or dislike a song on your playlist. Just tap the ellipsis button on the bottom right of your screen when playing a song. This will bring up a menu that includes “Add to Library”, “Add to Playlist…”, “Lyrics” and other choices. At the very bottom, you’ll see “Love” and “Dislike” buttons. Select your choice to increase or decrease your likelihood of hearing that song and songs like it in the future.

Don’t worry, you can always change your mind and update your feedback! You can even make Siri do your dirty work by saying, “Hey Siri, I dislike this song.”

Turn Off Shuffle Mode

Shuffle Mode is handy if you’re not feeling picky, but turn it off to get the best customization results from your Apple Music subscription. Check out the “For You” tab for regularly updated personalized playlists curated by the Apple Music gurus.

These playlists are designed to complement your listening habits with a favorites mix, a chill mix, a friends mix, and a new music mix. They’re more purposeful than Shuffle Mode and more likely to give you the listening experience you really want.

Listen to the Radio

In addition to its library of 50 million songs, Apple Music also offers unique radio stations. “Beats 1 Radio” is the only channel with live DJs. It features an exciting blend of songs and special shows, some of which are even created by the artists themselves!

The other radio stations available on Apple Music combine automated and pre-created content with custom matches. They stop and start on your demand, so you can always pick up where you left off.

Add Photos to Your Playlist

Music isn’t just a sound experience. It can also be visual when you add photos into your playlists. It’s easy enough to add a cover image by clicking “Edit” in the top right corner of the screen, tapping the current cover image, and selecting your desired photo.

There’s no doubt that Apple has taken great effort to give subscription members the personalized listening experience they want. Whether you want to listen to a hassle-free radio station or find songs you never knew you were missing, Apple Music makes it possible.