Current Review: Up To 15X Cash Back With a Debit Card

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Credit cards can deliver you some major rewards but have serious pros and cons. Credit card debt continues to reach all-time highs, and the cost of a credit card outweighs the benefits for some people. That’s what makes Current, a mobile bank, so exciting.

The company is offering a debit card that offers credit card-esque rewards in addition to fee-free mobile banking, and more! Ready to get Current and get with the times? Here’s what you should know.

What is Current?

Current is a mobile bank that offers a wide variety of features, including the unique rewards debit card. In fact, Current offers up to 15x points wherever you use your debit card – which comes in a sleek black or white – and you can redeem those points for cash back. When you open the app, you’ll see a map showing you stores where you can shop and earn points! Redeeming points for cash is simple too, as you can do everything directly through the app.

Current works at more than 14,000 participating locations countrywide, so you should have no problem racking up big point totals and high, unlimited cash back amounts.

While the cash back debit card is an awesome perk, it’s far from Current’s only attraction. You can withdraw money without a fee at 55,000 ATMs worldwide, and deposit cash at more than 60,000 participating stores. The app also offers money management tools like spending notifications and automatic saving.

If you upgrade to Premium, which costs $4.99 per month, the bank also offers direct deposit with paychecks hitting your account up to two days early. Premium members are also basically immune to overdraft fees since Current’s Overdraft will protect you up to $100 over.

Is Current Worth It? 

Current does a little bit of everything, and lets you take advantage of the rewards of credit cards with far less risk of debt. The supercharged debit card alone makes Current’s free version worth trying, not to mention the array of additional financial services. Since there are no balance minimums or hidden fees, the app is truly free to use too – you won’t get nickeled and dimed along the way.

Current also offers 24/7 customer support, 365 days a year, guaranteeing that your problems will be addressed and handled when you need them fixed.

The Premium version adds a few neat perks but probably makes the most sense if you’re willing to make Current your main bank. Either way, the service is worth looking into for anyone interested in mobile banking.

The Bottom Line

Once you get your Current debit card, you’ll start earning immediate rewards by doing the shopping you were doing already. Signing up only takes a few minutes – all you need to do is give Current your cell number, and they’ll send you a link with the next steps.

Get unlimited cash back now if you’re interested!

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