How To Earn Cash Back and Points with the Enfamil Family Beginnings App


Babies are expensive — and formula is an essential purchase for many families. Why not save money while you buy it?

From the Enfamil formula brand (used by 80% of hospitals and FDA-approved) comes the Enfamil Family Beginnings® Mobile App, which offers up to $400 in free gifts and samples! Get instant access to exclusive coupons, cash back rebates, rewards, and tips.

Enfamil Products

The app categorizes products easily into Prenatal, Premature, Infant (first year of life), and Toddler (1-3) categories, so it’s easy to shop in-app for what you need.

There are also products for allergies and special dietary needs, with facts about each one.

Unfortunately, the formula shortage hasn’t spared Enfamil, and almost all of their baby formula products and toddler nutritional drinks are currently out of stock.

The shortage started in February after the FDA shut down a major formula plant, recalling their products due to dangerous bacteria. Supply chain disruptions have turned a couple-week deficit into a problem that’s dragged on for months, leaving families struggling.

View of Enfamil Family Beginnings App Dashboard | Deanna Durben

Enfamil Rewards

The rewards app grants you 100 points for signing up, and you can earn points by doing in-app activities like inviting a friend (+1,000), leaving a product review (+50), reading an article (+10), or answering surveys (+25).

Points are easy enough to earn, but you’ll get rewarded even faster when you buy Enfamil products.

A $5 digital cash back rebate takes 3,300 points, and gift cards to Librio, Baby Academy, or Popyum cost similarly.

Personalized Tips

A detailed week-by-week guide gives you fascinating info on your fetus’s stage of development, and even how big it is! It offers guidance, resources, and pregnancy tips, based on the due date or child’s birthday that you enter when signing up.

Although this part offers no monetary value, it’s a great resource to have. Combining it with useful money-saving features, it just means more convenience for you!

A search function also makes it easy to find verified answers to your questions, instead of turning to Reddit forums or the like.

View of Home Dashboard on the Enfamil Family Beginnings App | Deanna Durben

Fun Features

“Belly Badges” let you add a new picture or sonogram scan each month to track your journey.

After your baby is born, there are more shareable milestone badges like “My first smile”, “I can roll over” and more!

Here are my fur babies, Pumpkin and Meower :).

View of Enfamil Family Beginnings Baby & Me Dashboard | Deanna Durben

The Bottom Line

Although formula is still hard to buy right now, pregnant mothers should still download Enfamil’s free app and access their useful info in the meantime. They’ll even send you free samples! So, what are you waiting for? Download the Enfamil Family Beginning app on iOS or Android today.

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