How to Find Out if Amazon Owes You a Free Month of Prime

A package from Amazon on a wood floor
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Amazon Prime is used by an estimated 95 million Americans* in the United States. (Count me as one of them!)

And now that Christmas is over, Amazon said they shipped over 1 billion items to those with Prime service.

That’s a lot of free two-day shipping and in some cases free same-day shipping (along with free movies and music that comes with the Prime service).

While those perks are really solid, especially if you’re an avid Amazon shopper, the annual price will cost $119 a year.

But you can get compensation, and in some cases, a free month of Amazon Prime, if any of your guaranteed shipments arrive late.

Here’s how to find out if Amazon owes you.

There’s a free tool called Paribus, that keeps an eye on your online purchases from 25+ merchants, like Target, Kohl’s, GAP, Best Buy, Walmart and more. When it finds a price drop on a purchased item, it’ll help you get the price difference back by using the retailers price-match policy.

(For more information on Paribus, check out our review of it.)

And when it tracks that an Amazon guaranteed shipment is late, it’ll work with Amazon to get you compensation!

So what if you’re a Prime member that already has free shipping? You could get a free month of Amazon Prime as the compensation instead (almost a $10 value!)

How to get compensated for late shipments:

1. Sign up for Paribus. It’s free and they only need an email address.
2. Allow Paribus to do what it does best – passively track your orders.
3. Once it detects a late guaranteed shipment, Paribus will work with Amazon to get you compensated.

Here’s to a new year of Amazon Prime thanks to Paribus!

*95 million Americans use Amazon Prime source: