Tulsa Will Pay You $10,000 to Work There

Downtown Tulsa, OklahomaIf

If you’re a remote worker, your job comes with a lot of freedom. Since you’re not tied to an office, you get to pick where you live and when you work.

But that freedom can be daunting, so Tulsa, Oklahoma wants to help make your decisions easier. 

Tulsa, the second-largest city in Oklahoma, is offering thousands of dollars worth of incentives to remote workers who relocate there. To be eligible, you have to be at least 18, move within six months of getting accepted, and be a full-time remote employee.

The initiative, called Tulsa Remote, aims to bring entrepreneurs to a smaller city to help boost the economy. Young workers tend to flock to big cities, so Tulsa is trying to combat that with big benefits, such as:

  • $10,000. You’ll receive some money upfront to help you move and a monthly housing stipend. After your first year in Tulsa, you’ll get the rest of your $10,000 to spend on whatever you want
  • Space at a collaborative office in Downtown Tulsa to collaborate with other local remote workers and entrepreneurs
  • Discounted housing and utilities
  • A welcoming community designed to make you feel included in your new city

Tulsa is far from the first small town to start an initiative like this. Hamilton, Ohio; St. Clair, Michigan; and New Haven, Connecticut are a few examples of other small towns that have started incentive programs to lure workers.

Tulsa is located in the Northwest region of the Boomer State, about 100 miles outside of Oklahoma City. 

If you’re interested in making the move to Oklahoma, you can fill out an application online. You’ll be making the original pioneers proud.

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