You Could Get Your Paycheck Up to 2 Days Earlier With This Online Bank

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“Money gets pretty tight, so getting my paycheck on Wednesday instead of Friday helps me a lot!” says Monique Varro.

Monique gets paid via direct deposit and while her company pays everyone on Fridays, she gets her paycheck 2 days earlier than her coworkers. Sweet, right?

Make Payday Come Faster with this Online Bank Account

Last year, Monique had switched her regular bank account to an online bank account with ChimeWith this unique earlier payday feature, it helps her budget her weekend spending accordingly and she feels less stressed about bills.

Unlike most banks, Chime doesn’t hold the funds until your pay date. As soon as it receives notification from your employer, Chime will immediately post the funds to your account.

And since becoming a Chime member, Monique has raved about it to her friends who also needed a sooner payday. (Who doesn’t, right?) But while she gets her paycheck 2 days earlier, she has a friend that gets his 1 day earlier as it depends on the employer and its financial institution too. It really only takes 5 minutes to find out how early you can get yours.

Bonus: Chime will also mail paper checks on your behalf if you’re worried about how to deal with paying certain bills. “For rent, I just enter in payment info in the app and they’ll cut the check and mail it for me. Super convenient,” says Monique.

If you want to your own payday to come faster, go ahead and take 5 minutes to open a free Chime account. 

Saving is Fun Again with These Apps

While we’re on the topic of potentially getting your paycheck faster, let’s talk about savings.

I used to be really skittish around this topic because I was lazy and I just didn’t handle my money well. Since working with financially minded people (*waves to the team) and testing out a lot of apps, I’ve found some favorites that helped me save more and could help you too.

Achieve Missions and Win up to $1,000,000

Long Game Savings is a fun app that helps and rallies people to achieve their financial goals.

As you achieve your mission goals, you’ll get coins to play fun mini-games for cash prizes. Games revolve around scratch-off, slots, and spin-to-win. There’s even a $1,000,000 weekly drawing that everyone can participate in using their virtual coins.

To get started, you just need to verify your identity and link your bank account. You’re then free to start saving as little as $5 or as much as you want when setting up automatic savings. There is a sweet first-week bonus though, so get saving right away to earn bonus 40 coins per $1 auto-saved and 3 coins per $1 deposited!

Everyone can get a welcome bonus of 300 coins to get started quickly.

Start using Long Game Saving (download for iOS App Store or Android Google Play) as the chance to get up to a $1,000,000 weekly just for saving is just too good to pass up.


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