Get Your ShopKick on for Free Giftcards

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Update: This program is back and accepting more members!

Are you tired of getting free gift cards? Of course not!

“This app is addictive.” –

Shopkick is an iOS shopping app that’ll reward you for the stuff you already buy both in-store and online. It’ll also reward you for just walking into certain stores or scanning specific items off the shelf! (Almost like a scavenger hunt)

For instance, I walked into my local Target and earned 15 kicks (points). Yep, just by walking in!

I scanned a few items off a shelf for a total of 125 kicks.

I purchased some beauty items and snacks, scanned my receipt and got 1,015 kicks!

From that one Target trip, I earned a total of 1,155 kicks/points on stuff I already needed. I’m now 97% on the way to redeem a $5 gift card or more if I want to wait. Pretty easy stuff!

In order for ShopKick to work properly, you’ll have to turn on Location Services and Bluetooth. This ensures that you’ll get your kicks/points when you walk into stores!

Fun Tip: Make it a game for your kids and have them find the scannable items for you! 😉

We made a video on how we used it at Target!

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