How She Saved $2,600 Without Even Thinking About It

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Saving money is hard enough as it is and Emily W., a 4th-grade elementary school teacher, knows that pain well.

“You have to love what you do,” said Emily. “I can’t imagine doing anything else, but it does get hard with the current pay and constant bills.”

Her roommate, Sarah, also chimed in. “Emily’s always buying school supplies for the kids because the school doesn’t have much budget,” Sarah said. “For once I’d like to see her spend on herself.”

Last year, Sarah suggested to Emily that she start using an app to help her save money. Sarah had started using it 6 months before, loved the results, and wanted Emily to start reaping the benefits too.

How She Saved $2,600 Without Thinking About It

The app is called Digit, and it’s a personal finance app that helps save small bits of money over time.

Every day, Digit will analyze your spending, income and upcoming bills to move the right amount of money from your checking into your Digit savings when you can afford to.

“I was both intrigued and skeptical,” said Emily. “Sarah said I wouldn’t notice the money getting saved and that to me was a big deal because I have enough on my mind.”

All she did was simply connect a bank account and Digit did the rest.

Her skepticism also disappeared when she realized it’s safe. Digit is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 and with 256-bit encryption – the same security level as the military.

“I noticed that the amount varies by day,” said Emily. “One day it’d 50 cents, and another day it’d be $23.”

It just depends on how much she could afford to save that day, and Digit constantly accounts for that. Some days, it wouldn’t save anything and that’s part of their no-overdraft guarantee so members don’t have to worry about Digit accidentally moving too much.

Is Digit Legitimate?

At first, Emily signed up due to the insistence of her roommate, but she was also curious to see how it could help her save.

She knew that she could cancel her account at any time plus pause the savings whenever she wanted so she felt comfortable with trying it out.

Now, Emily’s ecstatic that she was able to save $2,600 so far when before, she’d just leave it in her checking account, which meant the money was going to get spent.

Her roommate has already taken money out of Digit to pay for unexpected expenses, but Emily said she’ll leave the money in it for longer. “I already have enough for a trip to London but I want to see how much more I can save. I can’t wait for the next break when I can finally take a vacation!”

How You Can Save Too

If you want to get started on saving too, just head on over to Digit’s easy sign-up page.

Note that your first 30 days of the service is completely free, but after that, it’ll just be $2.99 a month.

For Emily and her roommate, that monthly cost was more than reasonable as they have saved so much more.

Also, for every 3 months that you save with Digit, you can earn a 1% cash-back bonus on the balance in your account.

1. Sign up with basic information & verify your identity with a code that Digit texts you

2. Connect your checking account (Digit doesn’t store this info)

3. It’ll take a few days for Digit to analyze your cash-flow patterns but in the meantime, you could set some savings goals if you want to.

Any time you want to, you can pause savings for up to 30 days.

You can also switch out your checking account if you want to.

Send commands to Digit via texting and you can easily Transfer/Withdraw and check your balance. It’ll also update you on how much money it moves based on your unique cash-flow patterns.

“My days are filled with kids, lesson plans, and cleaning up messes,” said Emily. “I know that I need to save but I love that I’m doing it without thinking about it. Digit’s a part of my own lesson plan now.”

If you think Digit could be right for you too, just pop over here and sign up easily.


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