How The Fidelity Starter Pack Can Easily Get You $100

There can be a lot of decisions to make when it comes to investing. Fidelity just made some of those decisions easier with their special offers. Offers are constantly changing at Fidelity, but one of their current offers is the Fidelity Starter Pack, where you get the best of both worlds: everything you need to get started in investing and the tools to manage your cash account all in the same place — and you could also easily get an extra $100.

What’s the Fidelity Starter Pack?

The Fidelity Starter Pack gives you everything you need to start investing and managing your cash accounts in one place — with no fees or minimum balances to open.

With the Fidelity brokerage account for investing, you get the following:

  • $0 commission for online U.S. Stock and ETF trades
  • Opportunities to buy shares of companies whose products you use every day for as little as $1. These include well-known companies like Disney, Google, and Apple
  • Access to international trading

With the Fidelity Cash Management Account, you get the following:

  • Interest rates competitive with other banks to earn the most for your cash
  • Opportunities to buy shares of companies whose products you use every day for as little as $1. These include companies like Disney, Google, and Apple
  • Mobile access to your account to quickly deposit, transfer and pay your bills with no additional fees
  • Free debit card
  • No insufficient funds fees

There are just some conversations that need to be handled in person. In addition, Fidelity has branch offices in many locations throughout the U.S., so you can easily find a branch near you to talk to a representative face to face rather than over the phone or through an app.

Getting Started With the Right Account for You

While the Fidelity Starter Pack is the most recent offer at Fidelity, there are other accounts you could choose from that include cash management, investment, or retirement:

  • Easily save for retirement with Fidelity’s Roth IRA account. It’s tax-free savings, you can access your account whenever you want it, and it’s also penalty-free and free of fees. There is no minimum amount required to get started.
  • There’s also the Traditional IRA for retirement savings. What a great way to reduce your taxable income by deducting your eligible contributions. This is also free of fees, with no minimum amount required to get started.
  • The Fidelity Account is a full-featured investment account that’s affordable and designed to grow and adjust to your investment needs. Buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and more.
  • The Cash Management Account is an account used for daily spending. There are no ATM fees, account fees, or minimum amount required to open.
  • Fidelity Go is a robo-advisor that gives you less stress when investing. No advisory fees are required for accounts less than $25,000.

How To Easily Get $100

Fidelity gives you a variety of options to not only get the types of accounts you need but gain a little extra money. When you open a Fidelity Starter Pack or any other accounts available at Fidelity with at least a $50 deposit, they’ll give you $100 — but this is only for a limited time.

Opening your account to get the $100 will involve using the promo code FIDELITY100. After that, you have 15 days to deposit $50 or more into the account. From there, they’ll deposit $100 into your account within 25 days of your deposit. It’s that easy.

The Bottom Line

Not only does Fidelity give first-time investors an easy way to start investing, but they also give you access to accounts that are highly crucial to your financial success. Taking advantage of their current offer could open many doors for accomplishing your financial goals and gain you an extra $100!

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