How to Get Free Samples with Treat Spot

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Everyone loves free samples, and yes, I admit, I’ve gone back to the same Costco cart to make sure I really liked what I was tasting. Who wouldn’t? That’s part of the membership perks!

In general, trying before buying is always a good tactic for companies and brands to lure potential customers in. You’ll know what to expect and not get disappointed either.

At The Smart Wallet, we love samples, so if you want to get your hands on some, here’s how.

What is Treat Spot?

So far, we’ve covered how to get samples from PinchMe, DailyGoodieBox, and TryMe, but here’s a new one that came across our radar: Treat Spot.

Like other free sample programs, they’re offering people the opportunity to try products and, in return, give feedback. This usually results in an online review of sorts on their website so that the brands can understand what testers thought of the product.

Treat Spot regularly changes the product lineup depending on which brands they’re working with, and you’ll see which are available to apply for on their site. It ranges from snacks to health products, beverages, and more.

Products that have an “Apply To Try” button won’t require a shipping fee or credit card. If there’s any doubt, just mouse over the little question mark to view more details.

How to Sign Up for Free Samples

You can see what products they have to offer, but to actually try them, you’ll need to become a free member of Treat Spot.

  1. Sign up with your full name and address
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email that you have to click on
  3. Create a password and provide the mailing address that you want samples to be shipped to
  4. Apply to try products!

The easiest ones to apply for are the products that have an “Apply to Try” button. One-click, and you’re entered on the waiting list. Treat Spot will notify you via email within 7-14 days if chosen.

You’ll also see some offers or products that have a “Yes, Please!” button, which takes you to a separate site with additional information to fill out. Be sure to read on those specific offers if they require a shipping and handling fee.

How to Increase Your Free Samples Chances

When you want to increase your chances of getting free products daily, be sure to follow their social pages. They give away 10-500 free products on every post they do every day!

With that many products, there’s a good chance you’ll get to try some extra items! Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated.

“TreatSpot is very legit. I have won probably three or four times. Sometimes the item is not the item you say you want to try but it’s still free and worth getting to see if you want to buy. I highly recommend everyone become a member, it’s really not that hard to get a product.” – Linda S. from TrustPilot

The Bottom Line

Try stuff for free and provide feedback in return. That’s the gist of Treat Spot and a great way to get introduced to new products or brands you might not have given a shot otherwise.

It’s easy to apply on their website, and you can get additional chances via their social pages. So, if you enjoy trying snacks, drinks, and health and wellness products, be sure to sign up for Treat Spot for free to see what you can get!

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