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You want to keep up with the news but just can’t handle the dry, dense, and boring sources out there. Nor do you have time to.

Enter Morning Brew – the free daily email that delivers the hottest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Written in a conversational tone and sprinkled with punchy humor, it makes reading the news actually enjoyable.

It Cuts Through The Noise

Your unread inbox number might be growing and we get it. There’s a lot of content out there, but after a while, it all starts to look the same or the quality just doesn’t deliver.

But Morning Brew covers the top news shaping the business world like Elon Musk’s latest moves to the stock market’s highs and lows in the easiest-to-read summaries.

And with a touch of culture and lifestyle stories, you’ll get up-to-speed on what you need to know in just five minutes, which you can handle while sipping your morning brew of choice.

What Others Are Saying

3 million people already start their day with Morning Brew with glowing reviews like:

This has become a staple of the morning routine. I honestly can’t recommend it enough. The team has roots in finance, and this is clear in the writing. It’s refreshing to see intelligent, funny, apolitical, and insightful analysis on a daily basis from the Morning Brew team and a welcome break from the frenzied click-driven news media of the modern day. – Max L.

I feel like I’ve increased my business/financial IQ at least 5x and look forward to getting it every morning. – Brianna W.

Honestly, it’s fantastic. Thanks to them, I have learned what I need to know about the world from a business perspective and was always prepared for discussions/interviews. With a witty sense of humor, their stories have always been a favorite for me to read daily. – Kaan P.

It’s Free Journalism

Stop getting frustrated by paywalled content.

From tech and media to finance and consumer goods, Morning Brew breaks down the news you need to know. Find out why 3 million others start their day with the newsletter — sign up for free here.