Netflix Password Sharing Is Coming to an End


Netflix, the company that set out to change the future of movie rentals, but actually changed how we do TV, is on the verge of something more. If you’ve enjoyed a Netflix flick here or there, whenever you want—free of charge, thanks to your friend’s or family’s account—that’s about to change. Run and tell everybody, Netflix is about to disrupt how we watch TV … again!

How Are Netflix Subscriptions Changing?

The days of free streaming on Netflix are gone. Currently, people with Netflix accounts have the privilege of sharing their passwords with families and friends, allowing them to reap the benefits of the subscriptions that they pay for, at no extra charge. However, starting in early 2023, Netflix members with subaccounts will need to pay additional fees. Password-sharing will not be allowed any longer. According to rollouts that have already started in other countries, the additional fees could be anywhere from $2.99 to $5 per month for each subaccount, in addition to the subscription charge. That means, no one, anywhere, will be allowed to watch Netflix without the account holder incurring an additional charge.

As of October 2022, Netflix currently offers a Standard plan ($15.49 per month) and a Premium plan ($19.99 per month) for its members. Both of these plans allow for multiple users to watch on multiple devices at the same time. There’s also a Basic plan ($9.99 per month), that doesn’t allow for multiple users. When the new fees take effect, members will only be allowed one “home” per account. Those will be the primary members. Additional users of the account will be required to pay the additional fee.

How Much Will Netflix Account Sharing Cost?

Right now, there’s no knowledge on how these new fees will be enforced. Just know that if you rely on Netflix shows to get you through the week (using a family or friend’s account for free), you may need to prepare your budget for some additional streaming charges, if you plan to continue to watch Netflix that is.

Members who have basic plans will be able to add one additional “home” to their account, members with standard plans will be able to add two additional “homes” to their account, and members with premium plans will be able to add three additional “homes” to their account —for an additional fee, of course. If you currently view your favorite shows using another member’s password, you’ll be able to transfer that profile to a new account. That means you’ll be incurring a monthly Netflix charge, too.

One more thing worth noting is that Netflix will also introduce another plan in the coming months. The current Basic plan is ad-free. An additional Basic plan that will have an ads option will be available for only $6.99 per month (starting sometime in November 2022). This way, if you have to start paying for your own account, you can choose the most economical option.

The Bottom Line

Surely, Netflix has changed the way we watch TV. For many of us, it’s been a cost-saver, especially for those of us that have had the privilege of watching for free. Even with the knowledge of the “free streamers,” Netflix has been slow to respond to their loss in subscription fees. However, in an effort to recoup some of those losses, they’re now answering back. Even in finding a way to recoup those losses, however, Netflix is still keeping the well-being of its members in mind by adding upcoming plans and options that are, for the most part, affordable.

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