She Made Over $300 Using This App. Here’s How

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Using cash back apps for Gabrielle Wilson was a life-changer.

“It kept me from living on PBJ sandwiches and ramen,” she says.

Gabrielle, now a Customer Service Manager, has used the cash back Ibotta app since early 2014 and has made $309.11 so far.

“When I got laid off in 2014, it was really bad. I was almost broke,” she said. “The app definitely helped me.”

Even though she’s in a better spot now, Gabrielle still uses the app any chance she gets. “I love that I can get cash back on stuff I’m already going to buy anyway.”

How Ibotta Works

Ibotta is a cash back app that gives you back cash on your everyday purchases.

Yup, cash.

You can do it all on your phone and there’s no need to clip coupons.

It’s not just for groceries either, although Gabrielle loves using it at Walmart and Target, she also uses it on Amazon and travel sites. “I’ve gotten back $45 so far from Amazon and save even when I go to Dollar Tree too.”

1. Download the free Ibotta app

2. Scroll through the offers

Scroll through Ibotta offers

Anywhere you buy stuff, there’s most likely an offer for it both in-store and online. Gabrielle constantly finds savings on practically all her purchases.

3. For in-store saving, tap the + sign next to each offer to add to your “list.” For online savings, shop through Ibotta. Find the site in the app, and tap “Shop” to be redirected to the site to save.

4. After checking out on an in-store purchase, you can redeem your cash by just taking a picture of your receipt. Your money will get deposited within 48 hours. When you shop online, they’ll let you know the timeframe.

5. When you hit $20 cash back, you can cash out using PayPal or gift cards.

Best Tips for Ibotta

Ibotta obviously won’t make you rich. No app can do that. But for Gabrielle, it was a great way to get cash back on stuff she was going to buy anyway.

Here are some more tips for Ibotta:

More than Groceries

Ibotta offers a lot more than just groceries, and they’re constantly adding new retailers to their abundant list. Here are a few we saw in the app:

Groupon: Earn 4% cash back on top of what you can already save with this savings giant

DoorDash: Earn 10% cash back on your food delivery

ALCOHOL: There are SO many Ibotta offers for beer, wine, and liquor from restaurants, markets and gas stations. Savings range from $2 – $5 on your favorite alcohol. Useful travel retailers are in the app to help you save 5% and more Yes, you can save an additional 3-5% on your Amazon purchases!

There are a lot more, and you can see them all in the app.

Don’t Spend Just to Save a Few Bucks

To avoid overspending, make your list first before going into the app to match savings offers. Otherwise, you might be tempted to buy everything that you can save on but didn’t necessarily need.

Gabrielle has already earned over $300 since using the app on everyday purchases. While there is no magical reward code to earn more, there is a $10 welcome bonus if you upload your first receipt.

More Cash Back Apps

Here’s how you can get even more cash back in addition to Ibotta. These apps work very well with each other to maximize your earnings.


The Drop app works in the background after the initial set up of linking the credit cards you regularly use.

“I love this app,” says Gabrielle. “You pick 5 brands or stores you want to get cash back on, and whenever you buy stuff there with the cards you linked, it automatically gives you cash back without having to do anything else.”

Stores include Target, Trader Joes, Walgreens, Starbucks, Macy’s, Dunkin Donuts, Uber, Amazon and more. High profile companies that’ll let you earn money back any time you spend money there. “It’s like a loyalty card but you don’t have to carry a different one each time. I’ve cashed out at least $150 in gift cards since I’ve started using it late last year.”

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