Solitaire Cash App: Win Real Money Playing A Skills Based Game

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Why play games on your phone for free? There’s a fabulous game that PAYS you free money to play.

Only a couple of minutes. That’s how long it’ll take before you win real cash when you play Solitaire Cash: a free, fun Solitaire game with a modern twist.

Let’s talk about why you should download Solitaire Cash on the App Store or the Galaxy Store today:

What is Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash is like regular Solitaire but you compete against other players at the same skill level as yours to see who can solve the deck the fastest. No luck required! Papaya Gaming, Inc. is the creator of this fun game and it’s currently available on the App Store and the Galaxy Store.

Some fast facts include:

  • Papaya Gaming, Inc. was founded in 2016, and its HQ is in Saint Louis, Missouri.
  • Their mission is to turn the most popular and exciting gaming apps into skill-based, real money opportunities for all players.
  • Solitaire Cash has an average 4.6/5 star rating on the App Store based on a total of 133.8K ratings and an average 4/5 star rating on the Galaxy Store based on 904 ratings.
  • People are saying this game is “awesome” and that “there are real cash prizes!”

How To Get Started on Solitaire Cash

First, you’ll want to download Solitaire Cash on the App Store or on the Galaxy Store.
You complete a game by yourself, and your final score competes with 4 to 10 other players with the same skill level. Not every deck can be solved, so knowing when to end the game and submit your score will be to your advantage!

Check out the gameplay below:

Solitaire Cash Gameplay
View of Solitaire Cash Gameplay | Adam Palasciano

To win, place in the top 3 scores, and you’ll get gems OR cash depending on the game. The more gems you have, the more access to special tournaments (with bigger prizes) you can get!

Solitaire Cash (iOS|Samsung) is designed to reward you for gameplay. Simply log in daily and complete a new tournament. Each new tournament is an opportunity to win big and work towards the ultimate goal: winning some free money!

How Much Money Can You Win with Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash Dashboard
View of Solitaire Cash Dashboard | Adam Palasciano

Let’s discuss how you can win the money in this game. Similar to Bubble Cash (another fun title from the same developer), there are Freeroll Tournaments and Cash Tournaments.

You can play Solitaire Cash and win real cash by participating in the Freeroll Tournaments. It only takes 120 Gems and you can enter a cash pool of $7. Regularly scheduled free events are constantly going on as well!

If you want to go for the bigger prizes, then the Cash Tournaments will have entry fees ranging from $1 to $13 with prize pools that go up to $83. Please note: Cash Tournaments aren’t available to certain states like AZ, AR, IA, LA, MD, & SC. If you live in any of these states, you can still play for fun!

There are Raffles to win BONUS cash on top of your regular winnings along with tourneys. For instance, win 1st place in any Cash Tournament and get entered in a raffle to win up to $100 bonus cash! The more tickets earned, the higher your chances of winning.
Solitaire Cash has already paid out millions to winners this year alone!

Is Solitaire Cash Free-To-Play?

Yes! Solitaire Cash (iOS|Samsung) is free-to-download and free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.

You can play for free to earn gems and enter the tournaments with more modest cash prize pools. Or you can deposit real money to enter the Cash Tournaments that have higher prize pools. It’s up to you! We recommend practicing in the gem tournaments to get a feel before dipping into the real cash ones.

Plus there are free daily bonuses (just log in every day to claim) as well as free gifts being shared on their Facebook page every day.

There are also no annoying third-party ads either!

Is Solitaire Cash Legit?

Yes! Solitaire Cash paid out millions in the past month to its players so it’s legit and fun.

Listen, you’re not going to become wealthy playing this game, but if you enjoy playing Solitaire in general, you might as well see if you can win cash from it! Quickly cash out via PayPal or Apple Pay when you win.

You’ll also get a $1 bonus cash for each friend that joins via your referral, and they’ll get $1 too!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Solitaire Cash and start playing solitaire for cash today!

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