10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas So You Don’t Procrastinate Again

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The new year has started, and the clock is ticking on the next holiday gift checklist.

First up is Valentine’s Day! Have you even thought about it? If you haven’t, there’s still time — because we’ve created a Valentine’s Day gift list that’s totally affordable and easily accessible through Amazon. Even for those who suck at giving gifts.

1. Rose Bear $22.99

If your significant other loves red roses, they’ll love this! Amazon’s Choice Rose Bear has everything you need to put a smile on the face of someone special on Valentine’s Day. This 9” bear is completely covered in PE roses and comes with a string of twinkle lights for decoration and a Valentine’s card, all in a transparent box. It’s the gift that keeps giving and looks great on the shelf all year long. Rose bears come in red, pink, or purple.

2. Message in a Bottle $10.99

Never worry about being tongue-tied again! It’s not always easy to say how you feel, and with this Message in a Bottle, that’s a problem of the past. Message in a Bottle has 80 or more notepads to express precisely how you feel to your Valentine. Write your expression, and seal your note neatly inside the capsule. Your Valentine will get a treat reading your expressions, and they can keep your thoughts close to them at all times.

3. Movie Night Gift Set $21.95

If February 14 is a night of romantic love and cuddling, your night is not complete without a movie, and Movie Night Gift Set has everything you need to complete your night. The 10-piece set has five different gourmet popcorn kernels and five different seasoning flavors (chives, hot peppers, salted butter, garlic parmesan, and white cheddar).

4. Valentine’s Day Care Package $39.99

If your special one craves chocolates, then they’ll love this Chocolate Crave Box — 21 pieces of chocolate heaven. Every chocolate bar imaginable in one box. This care package is perfect for any age and is a great way to feed the sweet tooth of a loved one that’s not physically close by.

For friends and loved ones that are in the vicinity, consider making your own box by visiting your local market or specialty chocolate store to create a one-of-a-kind gift!

5. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster $16.99

Sometimes being a couple can be challenging. You end up doing the same old same old, week after week. The 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster provides new dating ideas and adds spontaneity to the relationship. Give this gift as a romantic gesture to spice up the relationship. Scratch off a block to unlock the next dating adventure. After you’ve done all the dates, frame and post as memorabilia of your many exploits as a couple.

6. ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo $99.99 and up

Personalize your relationship with memorabilia that will forever remind both of you how much you mean to one another. Have one of your favorite photos laser etched and engraved in crystal with beautiful 3D crystal artwork. Great for anniversaries also.

7. Personalized Photo Blanket $13.99

Who doesn’t love to snuggle? It’s always better to snuggle up close and personal with the person who means the most — and a personalized photo blanket allows you to do that — even when they can’t be there. Give that particular person a customized flannel throw blanket for Valentine’s Day, so you are always near. Blankets come in three different sizes and are perfect for anyone.

8. Massage Gun $29.98

Your significant other could likely use more comfort and relaxation and less stress in their lives. Save the day with a handheld massage gun. The Wutsar Portable Handheld Muscle Massager is a great gift to anyone who suffers from frequent back or muscle pain. The quiet and lightweight massager has eight adjustable speeds and multiple attachments, and massage heads to address any part of the body. The massager is portable and wireless, so they can take it anywhere. This is a great gift idea for someone who is constantly on the go with little to no room for self-care or an athlete.

9. Personalized Acrylic Music Plaque with Song – Lights Up $15.98

If you and your significant other share a song that tells your story or has a song that is a reminder of when you first met, you’ll want to hear more about this gift. The Witfox Personalized Acrylic Song with Photo is a customized album cover with the song of your choice. After you receive the song plaque, scan the Spotify code picture to enjoy your favorite song. Light up the room with this adorable, customized night light. No batteries are needed. Great for a music lover or someone you share a special song with.

10. Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand $52.99

If you and your significant other enjoy spending most of your time in — liven it up with the Mixology Bartender Kit. The 10-piece bar set has all the tools you need to mix your favorite cocktails. Invite your family and friends over and impress them all. Even if you’re an amateur bartender, you’ll still look professional with this brilliant bar display. It’s solid, adorable, and made of stainless steel to make any room shine. The recipient will love it, especially if they love cocktails.

The Bottom Line

Valentine’s may be just around the corner, but with Amazon; you can still come out on top, looking like you’ve been planning for a year and always had your significant other at the top of your mind. Shop Amazon for your Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

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