Alice Ly
OG Smart Wallet Smartie

Hi, I'm Alice!

I'm a girly tomboy who loves food, travel, nerding out on games, being surrounded by puppies, and has an unhealthy obsession with croissants. I also research everything to death before dropping my hard earned money on it.

I went to the University of CA, Irvine and got my degree in Studio Arts & Digital Arts.

I started my career in the video game industry working in Marketing & Community management before moving on to Ecommerce, Samples/Deals, and now Personal Finance!

My proudest accomplishment was when months of hard work paid off when my first huge marketing event E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles) exhibitor booth was deemed successful. Immediately after, I went on to exhibit at Austin Game Developer's Conference and went on to manage 7 more shows and opening night parties the year after.

Fast Facts

  • I cannot stand any sort of injustice, bullying, or people being plain jerks which has led me to be in some interesting situations.
  • I'm an amateur photographer.
  • My love languages are Gift Giving and Acts of Service.❤️