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Fun fact: The Smart Wallet was originally called The Bill Wizard.

A drastic transformation, we know!

The team came together and felt that rebranding was necessary back in November 2018, to better encompass and illustrate our core values of helping everyone live their best financial life through practical advice that readers can immediately put to use.

We’re proud to call ourselves The Smart Wallet and we’re excited to have you here on this continuous journey to financial freedom!

 ~Alice Ly
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Meet Our Editorial Team

Alice Ly
Sr. Content Manager

Alice is the voice and soul of The Smart Wallet and a California native who learned money management and life skills at an early age from growing up in an immigrant family. She has spent the last 12 years working in digital media. Before writing for The Smart Wallet, Alice was fascinated by the intersection of finance and technology and spent her spare time interest chasing, automating savings, trying new apps, and finding great deals on purchases.

Meet our contributors.

Our Team

Our Team

The Smart Wallet came together to make saving, making, and understanding how to manage money easy for people just starting out and for people who want to continue learning. Our team stays up late at night and gets up early in the morning to source information you can trust on popular brands and products, in addition to giving practical, actionable advice for managing your money. 

Our Values

The Smart Wallet is a site dedicated to delivering our readers simple solutions to earn money, save money and grab some deals! Personal finance doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. There are endless resources and options out there – and it’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed. With our tailored and curated content, we serve as the one-stop shop to find answers to the financial questions you are asking and very rarely get answers to.

We believe anyone can take control of their financial destiny, and there is everyday magic in simple, honest advice. Our readers expect nothing less.

We do the research. You do the saving. It’s The Smart Wallet way.

How We Make Money

At The Smart Wallet, we believe in transparency. Our motto is “The Real Truth to Save You Real Money.”

In order to pay for our great content, we pass on your interest in quality goods and services to companies who will provide them to you. Some of our links are “affiliate links,” which is how our advertisers compensate us for your attention. If you click on one of those links and purchase an item, sign up for a promotion, download an app, or complete a required action, The Smart Wallet may receive a commission.

As information can change quickly, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information we present on a daily basis on previously published posts. If you have feedback or any updated information, please get in touch and we will correct accordingly.

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