She Saved $1,200 This Year Just By Doing This

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On average you’re probably spending $720/year more than you need to on car insurance. But in general, people don’t make an effort to check. In reality, checking for new car insurance rates each year can SAVE you big in the long run. And with the rapidly rising cost of gas (it’s up to $6 per gallon in some parts of the U.S.!), extra savings on car insurance can go a long way.

Check out these interesting stats about auto insurance from Bankrate*:

  • The average auto insurance premium is $1,674 a year (a pretty sizable expense!) That’s about $140 a month, on average.
  • About 2.44% of the average household income is spent on auto insurance.
  • In total, the auto insurance industry is worth a whopping $311 billion!

As you can tell, car insurance isn’t cheap! Now, there’s an easy and free way to make sure you’re paying less than the average cost for car insurance AND getting the lowest rate possible. You can check how much you can save in literally 30 seconds. It’s easy:

  1. Head over to The Smart Wallet’s auto insurance portal and connect your current insurance (no lengthy form to fill out!)
  2. We’ll instantly check for a better deal.
  3. See your savings!

What’s unique about our tool? You don’t need to fill out any repetitive forms providing your driving history or vehicle information. We’ll help you switch, and it’s 100 percent free to use.

Once we find you a better deal and you choose to switch, we’ll help you cancel your old policy, enroll you in the better one, and get a full refund on the unused portion of your prior payments. It’s the simplest and easiest way to get a refund on your overpriced car insurance policy.

Take it from Lindsay Anderson, who saved a whopping $1,200 annually by using The Smart Wallet auto insurance portal: “I was none the wiser and was unaware that you should seek out car insurance comparisons every 1-2 years. Our household has two cars, and we have been using Progressive with no major accidents or hiccups for five years. When I finally got word of what I should be doing when it comes to car insurance, I checked The Smart Wallet’s auto insurance portal. I was quickly connected to multiple carriers: the best deal was Travelers Insurance, which lowered my annual insurance rate for my two vehicles by a total of $1,200!”

The key takeaway? Go ahead and compare auto insurance rates now so you can potentially save tons of $$$ just like Lindsay!