5 Ways to Impress the Heck Out of Your Boss

A woman holding a coffee mug that says "like a boss"

Being able to impress your boss has real, tangible perks. Beyond reaping the benefits of a positive workplace vibe, you can also increase your chances of snagging a raise, getting a promotion, and earning the trust of the guy or gal above her.

Whether you adore your boss or secretly wish she would move far, far away, there’s no denying that you want (and need!) her workplace respect.

Use these five tips to impress the heck out of your boss without sucking up or looking desperate.

impress your boss

Arrive Early

If you’re not early, you’re late. How many times has your dad told you that one? Well, he’s right. Punctuality is about more than timing. If you’re constantly rushing in three minutes late or sneaking into the back of meetings, you surrender the ability to claim you’re on top of your game.

By arriving a few minutes early every day, without fail, your boss will feel comfortable depending on you and making you his go-to person.

Dress Well

Whether it’s fair or not, your attire does influence the way others perceive your work ethic and capabilities. This doesn’t mean you need to start coming to work in a ball gown or tuxedo, but giving your wardrobe a little TLC is a simple way to subtly impress your boss and build a stronger reputation for yourself.

Don’t Be Negative

It’s easy to complain. Sometimes it’s downright tempting. Misery loves company, after all.

If you want to impress your boss, steer clear of the negativity. Try to cultivate positivity instead of bad vibes by complimenting others, sharing helpful tips, organizing team events, or simply telling a few great jokes at lunch. Make sure your boss witnesses your can-do attitude and keep your snarky comments (we all think them!) to yourself.

Proofread Your Emails

There’s nothing worse than a professional email that looks and reads like it was written by a third-grader. Don’t rush through your emails and risk sending out a memo with egregious and embarrassing errors. That will just scream to your boss, “Hey, I’m distracted, overwhelmed, and careless!” Not exactly the message you want to send.

While proofreading has never been so easy with tools like spellcheck and Grammarly, the auto-editors don’t catch everything. Take the extra two minutes to read your missive one more time, to ensure every email looks its best. Your boss will appreciate your ongoing accuracy and professionalism.

be prepared

Be Prepared

When you were a high school student, being prepared meant having your homework and a pencil on your desk before the bell rang. Now that you’re in the real world, coming to work prepared is far more involved. Try these techniques to stay as prepared and on-the-ball as possible:

  • Go above the minimum requirements by asking if there’s anything else you can do.
  • Take note of your boss’s personal stories (about his kids, favorite hobbies, or vacation spot, for example) and ask him about them down the road. He’ll be impressed that you remember.
  • Allocate your time wisely in order to meet every deadline before the deadline arrives.
  • Don’t let your cell phone become a distraction. It should stay on your desk or in your pocket.

The Final Word

You don’t need to bring in fresh-baked brownies to bribe your boss into liking you. Instead, let your actions speak on your behalf by impressing your boss each and every day. Each small step you take to become a better employee will build your overall image as a helpful, devoted, and capable worker.

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