Shivani Ekkanath

Hi, I'm Shivani!

I'm from Singapore and lived there since I was 2 years old before moving to France at the age of 18. I recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Political Science and participated in the Dual BA program with Sciences Po Paris where I got a Bachelors in Social Sciences.

I'm an avid reader and love to talk politics and listen to podcasts.

After working in DC for almost a year, I returned to Singapore to research environmental policy for a lab after which I'll pursue my Masters in public policy at Columbia University!

Fast Facts

  • I wrote my first journalistic piece at the age of 16 when touring Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum in Mumbai, India
  • My family is originally from the South of India and I'm very proud of my culture.
  • I love to watch film analyses, try out different sports, check out the latest movies, and tour museums as much as possible!