Meet Our Contributors

The Smart Wallet contributors have a diverse set of backgrounds and skills. They are experts in personal finance, saving money and getting great deals. Some of them have deep experience as consumers and some are journalists. They are part of our commitment to bringing you the best, most up-to-date information available.

Ashley Altus

Ashley covers personal finance topics for the leading financial technology platform, OppLoans.

Alexandra Matos

Alexandra is a programmer with a background in statistical analysis. Her career began in health research and has since turned to wrangling data for startups in NYC.

Adam Palasciano
Content Marketer

Adam has spent the last several years working in marketing and social media across media, telecommunications, and real estate. Before joining The Smart Wallet, Adam was an active gig worker who was always on the hunt for the next best opportunity. Today, he is always searching for every tip or trick to save money, make money, and get ahead as a millennial.

Charlotte Park

Charlotte is a rising senior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick majoring in English and double minoring in creative writing and art history.

Chris Sonzogni

Chris is a financial writer and communications expert in New York City. His career has spanned public relations, business development and advertising, all with a focus on finance.

Deanna Durben

Deanna is a rising sophomore at Hamilton College. She’s the news editor at her school’s student-run weekly newspaper, The Spectator, where she leads a team of 48 writers and copyeditors.

David Floyd

David is a developer and journalist based in Brooklyn. He has written for CoinDesk and other publications, and he occasionally runs and brews beer.

Gus Gonzalez

I’m a content writer who helps brands and businesses bring their stories to life! Since 2020, I’ve been working with different marketing agencies covering a range of topics, including personal finance.

Giani Suarez

Giani covers ways to earn money that can supplement a regular income. As a fan of both passive and unique ways to earn, I'm a believer in "don't put all your eggs into one basket" and diversifying money streams as much as possible

James Duffy

James has contributed to the tech, finance, political, and sports writing industry and is currently a Consumer Reporter at The US Sun

Megan Fourhman

Megan is a teacher-turned-writer with a passion for helping others take control of their finances. When she's not making friends with the baristas at her local Starbucks, you can find Megan exploring her home city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Megan Liscomb

Megan is a freelance writer in San Diego who specializes in covering personal finance, SEO, and legal cannabis. When she's not working, she plays bass in a band called Hexa and cares for two very spoiled cats.

Ryan Scribner

Ryan Scribner started his online business journey back in 2016 when he launched his YouTube channel. After investing on his own in the stock market, he decided to document his investment journey on his channel. Fast forward years later, Ryan has a massive channel with over 500,000 subscribers, making him a key influencer in the personal finance space.

Shoshanna Delventhal

Shoshanna is an outgoing, free-spirited digital nomad based in Denver. When she's not covering business, markets, personal finance, health and wellness, and other lifestyle topics for various publications, Shoshanna can be found in the mountains, trying a new vegan restaurant, catching live music, or teaching yoga and meditation.

Susan Doktor

Susan Doktor is a journalist, business strategist, and principal at Branddoktor. Her work comes to us courtesy of

Shivani Ekkanath

Shivani is a recent UC Berkeley graduate with a BA in Political Science and participated in the Dual BA program with Sciences Po Paris where she got a Bachelor in Social Sciences. She's an avid reader and loves to talk politics and listen to podcasts.

Sylvia Montgomery

Sylvia was born and raised in Virginia and she's been there all her life. She has a business degree and has spent most of her life in public service as an employee of the federal government. There, she reviewed proposals and budgets, as well as managed grant budgets and processes.

Tiffany Riffer

Tiffany loves all things personal finance, including sharing ways that will help others reach financial independence, so they can work and do things they LOVE sooner than the traditional retirement age.