Tiffany Riffer

Hi, I'm Tiffany!

I was born and raised in California, and have lived in Washington, DC since 2010.

I graduated from the University of California in 2006 and Georgetown University Law Center in 2012. I spent nearly 10 years working as a civil litigation attorney at law firms around DC. In 2022, I decided to hang up my lawyer hat and take on the venture of self-employment.

Now, I spend my days trading stock options, creating content for my YouTube channel Tiffany Trades Options, and running my artisan soap business Tiffany Riffer Soap.

I love all things personal finance, including sharing ways that will help others reach financial independence, so they can work and do things they LOVE sooner than the traditional retirement age.

Fast Facts

  • I’ve been trading stock options since 2017
  • I love to hike and travel to new places as often as possible
  • My superpower would be teleportation