The 13 Absolute Best Halloween Costumes on Amazon

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Feeling stumped about choosing your Halloween costume? Maybe you have a costume you’ve already worn four years in a row and you’re ready for a hallows eve makeover. Or perhaps you like to keep it fresh every single year. If you’re tired of old standbys like vampires, witches, and zombies, you’ve come to the right list. There’s nothing boring or basic here.

Instead, these funny, creative, and spooky costumes will be turning heads at your monster bash all night long. We scoured the Halloween costumes on Amazon to find the coolest and creepiest choices for 2022 so you can be your best fright-night self. Although these costumes are labeled as “men’s” and “women’s”, we think they’d look equally cool on all genders.

Let’s get ready to trick-or-treat!

1. Waldo

where's waldo costume

Everyone will be looking for you all night long when you don this Where’s Waldo costume. We love this costume because it hits the childhood nostalgia sweet spot and because you can actually play Where’s Waldo with your party pics later. It’s a win-win!

2. Mona Lisa

mona lisa costume

Baby, you belong in the Louvre. If you’re a masterpiece and you KNOW it, then this Mona Lisa costume is perfect for you. As an added bonus, nobody can tell you to smile when you’re dressed as this enigmatic lady. Some scholars believe that Da Vinci may have painted this as a self-portrait, so if you plan to genderbend this look be sure to let the people know you’re actually being historically accurate.

3. Sexy Mario


Listen, we’re not sure if this sexy Mario is actually the best or the worst, but we wanted to let you know that it exists. If you have always had a thing for this video game plumber, then this costume is for you. For Nintendo traditionalists, you can also grab a more classic Mario or Luigi costume on Amazon if you so desire.

4. ‘80s Tennis Star


You don’t have to be an athlete to rock this retro tennis player ensemble. You can even make it a couple’s costume. After all, “love” is a score in tennis, though we can’t remember if it’s good or bad… Who cares? You’ll look great!

5. Mermaid


We love a good mermaid costume, and this one is a stunner! We love this glam take on an under-the-sea babe. Pair it with a big, long mermaid wig and warm up your voice to lure unwitting souls into the deep. For extra credit, carry a dinglehopper to brush your hair with.

6. Pennywise the Clown


This is the best costume to scare sensitive babies like me right out of your way. When you’re this terrifying, you can rest assured that you won’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom. I’ll just be hiding around the corner until you’re gone!

7. Skeleton Pajamas


Want to spend your Halloween feeling warm and cozy? Snag a set of these skeleton pajamas. You can wear your bones on the outside and roll right into bed when you get home. Nobody needs to know that you’re already in your jam-jams unless you can’t resist bragging about it.

8. ‘The Shining’ Twins

the shining twins

For a costume that’s both scary and perfect for BFFs or couples, try these spooky twins on for size. Anyone who’s ever seen ‘The Shining’ will be looking over your shoulders to see if there’s blood rushing down the hall. Show the world that you’re one-half of a terrifying twosome in this fun Halloween costume.

9. Inflatable Dinosaur


Does anyone not love dinosaurs? Express your love for all things prehistoric and serve as a living reminder that “life finds a way” when you wear this inflatable dino costume for Halloween. You might even enjoy this costume at other times of the year too. Amazon reviewers have worn it ice skating, to the mall, and one bride wore hers as a wedding surprise. Now that’s romantic!

10. A League of Their Own

a league of their own costume

Remember how cute, tough, and cool the ladies of ‘A League of Their Own’ were? Emulate their vintage style with this Halloween costume that manages to be a little sexy while still being work-appropriate. If you want to feel like Geena Davis for a day, this costume is the answer to your prayers.

11. The Trusty Steed


You didn’t think we’d leave Fido out, did you? If your dog will tolerate being dressed up, this cowboy-rider costume is sure to be a hit. If you take your pup out trick-or-treating like this, you might even be able to score some free candy as a grown up. You’ll have everyone saying “yee-haw” in no time.

12. The King of Rock


If your dog is a real ham, why not dress them up in this Elvis-inspired get-up? Everyone will swoon when they see your furry little rock star coming. Talk about a hunk of burning love!

13. Vampire Bat

cat costume

Did we say vampire bat? We meant vampire cat. Felines are famously finicky about getting dressed up, so unless you have an exceptionally patient cat this costume might be more of a quick photo op. Regardless, we love this little bat suit and would really love to see it in action in the wild.