The 10 Best Paying Careers of 2019


Who wouldn’t want a job with a great outlook for growth, job security, and a high salary? If that sounds impossible, then odds are you aren’t in one of these professions yet. According to 2019’s U.S. News and World Report, these ten jobs are officially the best paying careers of the year.

Jobs in the medical field reign supreme, so med students can take a sigh of relief.

Let the great job countdown begin!

10. Dentist

You might not love going to the dentist, but if you are a dentist then you probably love your paycheck. Dentists earn a median salary of $151,440, and it’s projected that there will be 25,700 jobs available for dentists this year. Becoming a dentist does require four years of dental school to earn a DMD or DDS (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or a Doctor of Dental Surgery) after you finish your undergraduate degree – and a very steady hand.

9. Pediatrician

Our kids’ health matters to us a great deal, so it’s no surprise that pediatricians hold a spot in the top ten. The median salary for a pediatrician is $172,650, and it’s projected that there are 4,600 jobs opening up in the field this year. Becoming a pediatrician also requires an MD degree, the ability to work well with kids, and good lollipop-handing-out skills.

8. Prosthodontist

If you’re lucky, you’ll never need one of these specialty dentists. A prosthodontist specializes in repairing teeth and restoring smiles. They make a median salary of $185,150 and there are projected to be 200 jobs in this field this year. According to, “a candidate must complete a bachelor degree, dental school, and three additional years of residency training and education through an ADA-accredited prosthodontic graduate program. This specialty residency training is overseen and managed by the American Board of Prosthodontics examination, where qualified graduates of the residency program are eligible to receive board certification.”

7. Physician

The doctor you see for your yearly wellness exam and the specialist they refer you to are both in the category physician. Whether you want to be an obstetrician, gynecologist or dermatologist, being a physician is a great profession in 2019. Physicians earn a median $192,930 each year, and there are a projected 7,300 jobs out there for them to choose from. Though going to medical school for the required degree can be tough and is very competitive, physicians who make it through have great careers ahead of them.

6. Psychiatrist

As awareness of mental health issues climbs, psychiatry has become an increasingly valued profession. These doctors who diagnose and treat patients suffering from all kinds of mental illness make a median salary of $208,000 each year. There are 3,100 new jobs projected for psychiatrists.

According to, “psychiatrists must complete medical school and an additional four years of residency training in psychiatry.” It’s worth noting than psychiatrists get paid more than psycho-therapists because “psychiatrists spend much longer in school than most other mental health professionals. Their medical degrees allow them to prescribe psychotropic medication.”

5. Orthodontist

If you had braces in your youth, you might not look fondly on this profession. Perhaps a peek at their salary might change your tune? Orthodontists earn a median salary of $208,000 and have 1,300 projected jobs available to them.

You will need a bachelor’s degree, a dental school degree, and, according to, a degree from an ADA accredited orthodontic program that can be three to five years long. “During these programs, the student studies more in-depth biomedical, behavioral and basic sciences, is trained in, and practices the skills used to facilitate tooth movement, guide facial changes, and understand facial surgery, as well as diagnose and treat other problems related to the face and neck.”

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

These specialized doctors make their bread and butter birthing babies and taking care of women’s reproductive health. As in-demand and highly trained physicians, they earn a median salary of $208,000 each year, with 3,400 projected jobs in their field. To excel in this profession, you’ll need a medical degree and a passion for women’s health.

3. Oral Surgeon

Pulling teeth and repairing cleft palates are just a couple of the operations that oral surgeons perform each day. These doctors earn a median salary of $208,000 and have a projected 1,300 jobs waiting for them. If the idea of pulling wisdom teeth gets you fired up, then this is the job for you.

2. Surgeon

This profession is not for the faint of heart. Surgeons, well, perform surgery, which can involve blood, guts, bones, and everything else. Surgeons who can hack it make a median $208,000 each year, and there are a projected 6,500 jobs in this field. If you’ve got a strong stomach and were an ace at “Operation” as a kid (as well as a straight-A student who finished top of their class in medical school), you’ll be compensated well in this field.

1. Anesthesiologist

If you’ve got a mind for numbers and chemistry and you’re great at saying, “Count backwards from ten,” then you might consider a career as an anesthesiologist. These doctors manage pain and induce unconsciousness during surgery and other procedures. They earn a median $208,000 a year and have 5,100 projected jobs to choose from.

If you’re not planning to go into medicine or dentistry, don’t despair. Just because your field didn’t make the list this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a brilliant career!

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