Best Things to Buy in April

@olyakobruseva | Pexels

Although spring officially started towards the end of March, April is when things really start to pick up. Now that you’ve (hopefully) gotten started with spring cleaning, it’s time to think about spring shopping. If you’re looking for discounts this month, here are the best products to buy at a bargain in April.

1. Auto Parts and Accessories

Winter can really take a toll on your car, so April is a great month to get any repairs, spares, parts or accessories you might need to fix up your ride for spring. Luckily, April is National Car Care Month, so you can find great discounts at tons of auto shops. Big brands like AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts usually run deals throughout the month, but check with your local shop if there are any discounts too.

2. Spring Apparel

Spring has sprung, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by restocking your wardrobe. As early demand for summer clothes starts to ramp up, you’ll find discounts on spring apparel across the board. You can stock up on comfortable, stylish clothes that you can still wear in the warmer months. As an added bonus, you may be able to find some winter apparel lying around that’ll be deeply discounted.

3. Secondhand Supplies/Clothes

You probably spent time in late March or early April doing a little spring cleaning and got rid of some old clothes. So did tons of other people, meaning with a little thrifting you’re sure to find some great deals on lightly used secondhand stuff. Stores like Buffalo Exchange re-sell clothes, while online platforms like LetGo and Mercari allow people to trade items. With these expanded online options, thrifting has never been easier.

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4. Vacuums

The start of spring is the best time to buy a vacuum cleaner for a few reasons. First, stores often advertise spring cleaning discounts, selling vacuums and other cleaning supplies for cheap. In addition, newer models of vacuums are usually rolled out in the summer, so retailers will be looking to get rid of older models to make space. High-quality vacuums will run you a few hundred bucks, but you can find savings up to 50 percent this month.

5. Discount Easter Goodies

This year, Easter falls on April 4th. That means from April 4th forward, you can capitalize on heavily discounted Easter supplies at stores. Many drug stores will have tons of decorations and candy lying around, and the longer you wait in the month the cheaper prices will drop. While you shouldn’t go shopping with the intention of finding Easter supplies considering the nationwide circumstances, if you already need to go to the drug store for essentials there’s no harm in grabbing some chocolate too!

6. Beauty Supplies

April is one of the best months to buy cosmetics and beauty supplies, but you might be surprised at why. Many cosmetic brands strive to be environmentally friendly and offer big sales in conjunction with Earth Day on April 22nd. Name brands like Ulta and Sephora offer discounts and other spring sales, while you can probably find cheaper cosmetics than usual at any pharmacy this month too.

7. Jewelry

With Valentine’s Day two months in the past and Mother’s Day a month in the future, April is something of a slow month for the jewelry industry. That means prices are not only lower than usual, but you can probably haggle for a bargain if you’re comfortable doing so. Jewelry stores aren’t particularly busy in April, so you can spend a little more time talking price before settling on a new necklace or bracelet.

8. Cookware

Williams Sonoma, one of the leading kitchenware companies, usually has massive sales during April. You can find pots, pans, and more for up to 75 percent off throughout the month, and other brands follow suit. That means with a little shopping around, you’ll be able to stock your kitchen without breaking the bank.