Best Things to Buy in January

With the holiday season finally over, shopping might be the last thing on your mind this month. However, thrifty spenders know that January is one of the best months of the year to shop, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you want to start the new year with some stellar savings, here are the products you should be on the lookout for in January!

1. Exercise Equipment and Gym Memberships

William Choquette

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to hit the gym or start getting in shape. To help you reach that goal, sporting goods stores and gyms usually offer great deals in January. Dick’s, for example, has some crazy discounts, including:

  • 75% off on fitness apparel
  • 50% off on cardio equipment
  • 40% off on weights

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get to the gym in 2020, you can find great discounts now too. For instance, Gold’s Gym is offering a $1 sign-up fee all month long, and Planet Fitness gyms are offering a $10 signup with $10 per month afterward, a big discount from their usual rate. If your employer has a deal with any gyms, be sure to check if you can get a discount that way too.

2. Holiday Decorations

Mel Poole

I know what you’re probably thinking. You just finished taking down this year’s holiday ornaments, why on earth would you even think about getting more? Discounts, that’s why.

After Christmas and New Year’s, stores like Macy’s, Walmart, and Hallmark drastically slash the prices of their leftover holiday decorations. That means you can get everything you need for December at up to 80 percent off. Of course, you won’t get to take advantage of anything you buy soon, but this is a thrifty long term move if you want some new ornaments.

3. Bedding (But Not Beds)


January is not a great month to buy a new mattress, but bedding and linens are at their cheapest this month. Most stores have “White Sales,” meaning stores offer their best deals on sheets, linens, towels and more in January. Nearly every major department store sells sheets for 50-80 percent off, so make sure to get those deals!

4. A Spring Vacation

There’s no better way to escape the cold and dreary months of the year than to plan a vacation for the spring. Like most industries, travel companies see a major slowdown after the holidays, meaning prices drop and value skyrockets.

Airfare is usually much cheaper if you book in January, and you can usually find good deals on cruises too. You probably won’t find a cheap getaway for this month, but you can book a spring trip in advance at a discount.

5. A Television

This year’s Super Bowl is February 2, meaning the end of January will feature some amazing TV deals. If you’re looking for a major upgrade in TV size, quality, or capability, January is the time to buy. Keep an eye out for Super Bowl deals as the month comes to a close and nab a new flat screen for up to 30 percent off.

6. Suits

Ben Rosett

While nearly all dress clothes will be discounted in January, you can find great deals on typically expensive suits. After people scramble to dress to the nines around the holidays, retailers see sales slow down in the new year. To make up for some lost business, clothing stores will usually markdown suits and other dress items.

Be sure to note the original price of any new suit you buy, though. As with any time of year, you get the quality you pay for, but buying in January means you can get a suit that can last you years for cheaper.

7. Video Games

Humphrey Muleba

New video games typically cost about $60 per game, but you can usually find solid discounts in January. Many games are released later in the year to capitalize on the holiday season, meaning by January they’re not as new and more likely to be marked down.

Plus, by waiting a few weeks after the holidays you increase the odds that people will return games they don’t want. That means you can get an essentially brand new game at the discounted, used price. Stay away from consoles, however, which you’ll find better deals on later in the year.

8. Furniture

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Manufacturers usually roll out new furniture in February of each year, meaning the old inventory has to be gone by the end of January. By picking up new furniture in January, you’re likely to get great savings as retailers are desperate to sell. You can also pick up patio and outdoor furniture for cheap as well since most people aren’t likely to shop for it until the summer.

If you’re considering buying anything on this list, January is definitely the best time to make the purchase!