The Best Things To Buy in May

The Best Things to Buy in May
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May is packed with holidays – Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day – meaning there are a lot of opportunities to find shopping deals.

Here are the best things to buy in May:

1. Mattresses

A good mattress leads to good sleep, providing a major overall boost to your health. That’s why you should consider a mattress not just to be a purchase but more of an investment. And the smartest time to invest in a new bed is in May. Most major mattress retailers offer Memorial Day sales, and prices drop anyway as new models are being prepped for rollout in June. Sears, for instance, is offering some beds up to 60 percent off. Amazon (of course) offers a variety of hybrid mattresses, coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and mattresses in a box.

2. Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner

Memorial Day usually provides great sales for large appliances, and the end of May is your last chance to buy discounted AC units before prices spike in the warmer months. Whether it’s a window air conditioner unit or a portable air conditioner unit, Best Buy offers dozens of models for 20 percent off or more, and prices should get lower around the holiday weekend, but don’t wait too long, or you’ll be stuck in the heat! Oh, and check out the air conditioner deals on Amazon too.

3. Grills and Accessories

Grill Accessories

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer for many people, which means it’s also prime grilling season. Whether a charcoal grill or gas grill, this is the time of year that people start grilling meals more often. As the weather gets nicer, more people are inclined to barbecue outside with their families. Grill sales peak around the end of the month, and you can find supplies and accessories like charcoal, tongs, and spatulas discounted at major retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon. A new grill can make a great early Father’s Day present too!

4. Refrigerators


Many fridge makers unveil new brands in time for summer, which means that on top of the typical Memorial Day appliance deals. The most common side-by-side refrigerators, traditional two-door refrigerators, and even those smart refrigerators with touchscreens and Amazon Alexa will likely be discounted. Like mattresses, fridges are long term-purchases that should last a long time. Snagging a good deal around Memorial Day could help you install a new mainstay in your kitchen for the next decade without breaking the bank.

5. Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts, like flowers or jewelry, you’re probably going to be paying a premium. But if you think outside the box, you can find a fantastic gift for mom at a deep discount this month. For instance, you can head to Shutterfly for deals on personalized framed pictures or photo albums for a sentimental gift. Spas can also offer Mother’s Day deals and will likely be reservation-only, making it even more exclusive!

6. Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Many people are adjusting to working from home, so building a good home office and acquiring quality office furniture is critical. Now is the perfect time to cash in on office furniture deals and deck out your home workspace. Office Depot is offering discounts on select furniture, and so is Staples. Don’t miss out!

7. Star Wars Accessories

Star Wars
Star Wars

“May the force be with you” is one of the most iconic lines from the Star Wars franchise, and it translates to “May the Fourth” being Star Wars Day each year. In fact, the day has been appropriately dubbed Star Wars Day! As a result, there are tons of deals on Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Jedi, and Sith-themed merch from May 1st-5th, including from Lego! It’s the perfect time to shop for yourself or the Star Wars fan in your life.

8. Paper Products/Party Supplies

Paper Products

Stores like Party City offer substantial discounts on party supplies and paper products, like paper plates, towels, and napkins, to help you get ready for more parties you’re itching to throw. Even Amazon has great deals on paper products and party supplies too. Time to grab some cheap deals!