The 7 Best Work From Home Jobs of 2019

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Bruce Mars

Holding down a full-time job and making a respectable income used to require a commute, a cubicle, and a strict schedule. Not anymore! Telecommuting has surged in popularity over the past few years. As more workers search for the flexibility of work-from-home positions, more and more employers are stepping up their game with telecommuting positions.

These work from home jobs give you the freedom to work on your terms, whether that means at a local coffee shop or in your favorite pajamas. Check out these telecommuting options to save yourself a miserable commute and maximize your time on what really matters: making money and making a difference!

Virtual Assistant 

Like a regular assistant, a virtual assistant helps business heads and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways but from a remote location. Tasks vary from booking appointments and scheduling travel to marketing strategies and personal errands.

You may be a good fit to become a virtual personal assistant if you’re well organized. According to Indeed, the average virtual assistant salary is $15.89 per hour in the US. However, if you have experience and personal skills that lend themselves to technical work, it’s possible to make much more. 

Web Developer

If you are well-versed in web development languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc.), you may qualify to be a web developer. There are many different routes to take, such as front-end and back-end development as well as full-stack engineering.

Web developers work with clients to create or alter a website, using coding skills to complete the project to the standards of the client. For an entry-level web developer, the salary is about $19.50 per hour or $54,000 a year, which is a pretty good salary for freelance work (according to FreshBooks). Coding languages can be extremely hard to learn, but with patience, they can be very rewarding.  

Social Media Manager

A great social media presence is absolutely imperative for a successful company. Most companies hire individuals to manage either one account or all accounts across their social media platforms.

As a social media manager, you will be required to curate content that aligns with the company’s brand, grow the brand’s following and engagement, and manage published content. This requires an in-depth understanding of marketing, as well as social media, and the company’s target audience. According to Business Insider, the average salary of a social media manager ranges from $34k to $56k.

Graphic Designer

If you know PhotoShop and can visualize what gets people excited about a product, consider graphic design. Graphic designers create visually appealing concepts and images for marketing, but that’s just the beginning.

Graphic designers create logos and visual assets that are plastered on billboards and across the internet. According to Payscale, graphic designers typically make around $29.08 per hour or $40k a year. 

Medical Transcription 

A Medical Transcriptionist typically listens to voice records dictated by doctors or other medical professionals and transcribe or interpret these audio files. These dictations can be in the form of test results, operation reports, and other medical documents. Transcribers also have to ensure that their drafts are medically accurate and formatted consistently.

Transcribers often to enter data into a health record system online. This role requires a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology and solid computer literacy. Analytical skills such as strong typing and listening skills are also imperative. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical transcriptionists typically make around $34,000 a year.

Content Producer (Writer / Editor)

Freelance writers and editors are often referred to as “content producers”. Besides being masters of the language they’re writing in (including a precise understanding of grammar and punctuation), content producers write, edit and revise articles or other copy including advertising and incidental copy (think taglines or text for landing pages) as well as blog posts for the company’s website.

Writers and Editors additionally have strong research skills and can creatively suggest possible titles and new ideas for a company. The median salary for writers is $62k, and for editors it is $59,000 according to the BLS. Writers and editors also need a strong ability to market themselves and a solid portfolio to be successful. (You can find a list of good services to market your writing skills in our article 7 Places to Find Real Freelance Jobs.)

This is not the same as being a freelance journalist or specialized copywriter, however. Journalists often have a degree in journalism, and they spend more time contacting sources and getting first-hand information through reporting. Professional copywriters in specific fields earn good money because of their deep knowledge of their specialized field.

Data Entry

While not the most interesting job, data entry can be a great job for a work from home candidate. Data entry jobs require an individual to enter data into a company’s database and ensure that these records, as well as entries, are exact and correct. Fast typing and attention to detail are imperative to success in this role. The average hourly rate is $13.00 and the average yearly wage is $32k according to PayScale.

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