Domino’s Is Offering To Pave Your Roads To Save Your Pizza

Domino’s keeps finding new ways to reinvent fast food. This time, they’ve decided to do public works projects.

You can already tweet a pizza emoji to order Domino’s or get delivery to one of 150,000 outdoor “hotspots.”

Now, you can have Domino’s fill in potholes in your hometown! 

Seriously, as if pizza delivery wasn’t enough of a service, Domino’s “Paving For Pizza” project has already patched up roads in four cities.

The original program was supposed to come to just 20 cities, but Domino’s has since pledged to help one community in each state.

“We’re helping to pave bad roads in all 50 states so that you can get your pizza home smoothly, no matter where you carry out,” the site says.

While it may be a clever gimmick, the company has a good reason for doing it. Hitting bumps or potholes while driving home with a pizza can seriously damage your precious goods!

“Bad roads shouldn’t happen to good pizza,” the Domino’s site says.

There’s also a video from inside a pizza box showing how road conditions really affect a pie. On the “catastrophic” setting, it can be hard for any pizza lover to watch.

To nominate your town, all you need to do is submit your zip code and email address.

And if you work up a hunger after all that, Domino’s has a coupon for you to carry out a large 3-topping pizza right on the site. Not only do you get pizza, but your town can get free road repairs too!

Filled stomachs and filled potholes, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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