How to Earn Extra Money Through the Amazon Flex Program

It’s no surprise if you’ve been searching for additional income to help make ends meet. Gas prices seem to be at their new normal, and while eggs have gone down a little, it’s still costly to eat daily.

If you want to earn extra money, consider Amazon Flex, a delivery service where you use your vehicle to deliver Amazon packages. Yep, it’s that simple, and basically, you’re an “Uber driver for packages.”

Why Work for Amazon Flex?

1. Work How You Want

There are no hard and fast road rules when delivering packages through Amazon Flex. You make the rules since you’re in the comfort of your own vehicle. Listen to music as you drive or your favorite podcast.

You work when you’re available to work, not when someone tells you to. Your hours are your own, and there’s no minimum number of deliveries or hours to remain eligible to deliver.

Plus, get paid when you want. You can get paid daily or weekly at Amazon Flex, and the choice is yours. Most deliveries earn you about $18 – $25 per hour, depending on the location, tips, and how long it takes you to complete deliveries.

2. Commitment to Safety

Amazon Flex insists the safety of its drivers is a priority. That said, your safety always comes first. That means you’re not expected to deliver in an area you feel unsafe, and all drivers are treated with dignity and respect. Inappropriate conduct isn’t welcome, including discrimination or harassment from anyone.

3. Dedicated Support

The Amazon Flex app is a great aid in ensuring drivers get the support they need. If a driver ever needs help when delivering, they can quickly connect through the app to speak live with someone or chat in real time. The Emergency Help button also provides easy access to 911 for reporting a safety concern or an accident.

Amazon also ensures its Amazon Flex drivers have access to on-demand videos and articles that provide safety advice and other materials related to safety. These videos can be reviewed at any time.

4. Top Technology

Amazon’s top technology gives drivers the edge they need when making deliveries. Not so dog-friendly? Don’t worry. Amazon Flex has an app for that. Check the app for a paw print icon to know if a dog is at your delivery stop. Don’t know your way around town? Amazon Flex maps help you navigate to and from the places you need to be. They also provide speed limits, road closure alerts, and live traffic conditions. All of this helps to make your delivery easier and to keep you on schedule.

You can also call or text customers about their delivery through the Amazon Flex app. Don’t worry — they’ll only see an Amazon phone number, not your personal number.

5. Vehicle Protection

One of the conditions to be a delivery partner for Amazon is that you maintain your proper vehicle insurance. In addition, Amazon will also provide $1 million in liability coverage. This protection is available in most states (with the exception of New York) but does not cover passengers in your car.

6. Earn Rewards

Being a delivery partner for Amazon can earn you great rewards – from cash back to various discounts for your vehicle. Some discounts include tires, service and parts, and car washes. You could also get access to tools that help navigate things like health, accident and life insurance, and more.

Earn points for your deliveries; the more you earn, the more rewards you’re eligible to receive. The better the quality of your delivery service, the more points you earn. For instance, earning 3,000 to 6,499 points can get you three months of Amazon Prime; 6,500 points or more can get you six months of Amazon Prime.

How Amazon Flex Works

Once you’re approved as a delivery partner for Amazon, you can download the Amazon Flex app and set up your account. The app has everything you need to work. You can look for available delivery blocks near you from the app and select convenient delivery opportunities.

Blocks contain all the information you need to determine if it’s a good delivery for you to take since it’ll tell you the date of the delivery, the type of delivery, how much you can expect to earn from making the delivery, and how long it should take to complete your block.

Once you’ve selected your block, pick up your packages at your designated Amazon location. Amazon Flex offers delivery opportunities from, Amazon Fresh and Prime Now, and local store orders. Once you pick up your packages, go to each of your destinations and make your deliveries.

How To Start Working for Amazon Flex

Before signing up to become a delivery partner, you’ll first need to meet the following criteria:

  • Check your area to see if it’s an area with Amazon Flex delivery opportunities
  • You must also be 21 or older to be a delivery partner
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and a social security number to drive for Amazon
  • Your vehicle must be a mid-sized vehicle or larger
  • You must have an iPhone or Android smartphone

If you meet all the criteria, you’re ready to drive! Here’s how to start:

  1. Download the Amazon Flex app
  2. Sign up for Amazon Flex
  3. Review the videos on the app to learn more about delivering with Amazon
  4. Provide requested information on delivery preferences. This will help determine where you will pick up and deliver Amazon packages
  5. Provide tax and payment details
  6. Select a service area where you will pick up and deliver Amazon packages

The Bottom Line

Side hustles are now a thing. Most of us need one in order to maintain our basic cost of living expenses these days. If you have to have a side hustle, consider Amazon Flex to start. You work when and how you want, have great support from Amazon, and earn rewards as you work.

We suggest checking YouTube videos and seeing what current Flex drivers are doing if you want to research further, as opinions always change!

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