Facebook Viewpoints: Make Money Doing Easy Tasks from Your Smartphone

Facebook Viewpoints
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So, what is Facebook Viewpoints? Let’s talk about this free and fun survey app you’ll want to download right away!

In November 2019, Facebook (now recently rebranded as Meta), launched an app called Facebook Viewpoints, which rewards users for participating in surveys, tasks, and research. The idea behind the program is to gather information from users of Meta products in their day-to-day, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal, and Oculus, for both qualitative and quantitative research. These various methods of market research help the improvement of Meta products.

This is an app you’ll definitely want to download because it’s free to sign up and you’ll both quickly and easily begin to score $5 rewards in no time at all. I’ve really enjoyed using this app and it seems like there aren’t many people talking about this platform so keep reading my Facebook Viewpoints review to learn how you can get started!

Facebook Viewpoints
Canva | Adam Palasciano | View of Facebook Viewpoints Programs Dashboard

First, you’ll want to download the Facebook Viewpoints app on iOS or Google Play.

After you set up a Facebook Viewpoints account, “programs” are eventually sent to your phone.

If you join a program, Meta explains what information will be collected, how it will be used, and how many points you’ll receive for completing the program. Meta outlines how many points you’ll need to receive a payment, and every time you hit that number of points (set at 1,000 points), you’ll receive a $5 PayPal payment. It’s a pretty seamless experience and you’ll be banking free money fast.

Facebook Viewpoints Program: Pronunciation

Facebook Viewpoints
Canva | Adam Palasciano | View of Facebook Viewpoints Pronunciation Program

My first experience was pretty easy. I completed 2 Pronunciation “tasks” (which make up a single “program”) and was awarded 500 points for each task, totaling 1,000 points (which means a $5 payout) for the whole program. This program is designed to help develop and improve Meta products that require voice, like Portal and the Messenger app.

For each phrase, I held down the record button and needed to clearly and audibly speak. I spoke 50 phrases per task (100 phrases total for the program). Each task took roughly 10 minutes to complete, totaling 20 minutes for the whole program. Here are some examples of the phrases I spoke:

  • “Hey Facebook, rewind”
  • “Hello Indigo, what’s playing right now?”
  • “Hey Facebook, what time is it?”

Overall, my key takeaway is that the purpose of this task is to enhance the AI capabilities of Meta products that require voice recognition. So yes, my voice prompts might just be informing your Facebook Portal how to respond back to you the next time you want to rewind your favorite song.

Facebook Viewpoints Program: Recommendations

Facebook Viewpoints
Canva | Adam Palasciano | View of Facebook Viewpoints Recommendations Program

My second experience was very different but also fun; it was like I was shopping for myself on Facebook Marketplace. I completed 2 Recommendation “tasks” (which also make up a single “program”) and was awarded 500 points for each task, totaling 1,000 points for the whole program (another $5 payout!). This program is designed to help improve the Facebook Marketplace experience.

I was shown 30 images per task, first an individual product image and then two other product images side by side. Each task took roughly 10 minutes to complete, totaling 20 minutes for the whole program. As you get familiar with how these programs work, you’ll be able to complete each in shorter amounts of time. Before you know it, you’ll be earning $5 rewards in 5 minutes or less!

Here’s how it worked:

  • With each prompt in the task, I was shown 1 Facebook Marketplace item with a price and description. It appeared as if a Facebook user had posted it from their personal account.
  • Then, I was shown 2 other Facebook Marketplace items, each with its own images, price, and description. I was asked which of the two items is most similar to the first item or “I can’t decide.”
  • If I chose the “I can’t decide” option, I was then asked, “Why can’t you decide which product is most similar?” The two choices to answer were “Both are similar” or “Neither are similar.”
  • In other words, I could decide whether or not either of the two options matched the first option or if the two-second options were not at all similar to the first.

It’s worth noting that other members of my team experienced this task in a slightly different way. But in all, I’ve concluded that the point of this exercise is probably to enhance the Facebook Marketplace algorithm so users can be shown a “you also might like this” option when shopping.

How Much Money You Can Make with Facebook Viewpoints

Facebook Viewpoints
Canva | Adam Palasciano | View of Facebook Viewpoints Rewards Dashboard

So let’s get down to the part you all want to know about: how much money you’ll be earning.

Every time you reach 1,000 points, you’ll get a reward worth $5. Once your first reward processes (usually within 10 days or sooner), you’ll be prompted to connect your personal PayPal account. After the account is set up, your future rewards will automatically be directly deposited into your PayPal account.

Just earn points and voila – a great way to make easy money! As you can see, in a matter of one month, it’s possible to earn a cool $20 in 20-25 minutes of your spare time.

Is Facebook Viewpoints Safe?

After being under fire for several years and being hit with a $5B fine by the Federal Trade Commission, it’s no surprise that Meta makes it very clear how they’re protecting your privacy and ensuring that your data (like your phone number, for example) isn’t publicly shared.

Meta explains what they’ll be asking for, why, and how it will be used. For example, when setting up your account, you’ll be asked for your name, email, country of residence, date of birth, and gender.

You might also occasionally be asked for additional information such as location, to qualify for individual programs. Meta has also promised that data collected from users will not be sold to third parties or shared on Facebook accounts.

The Bottom Line

These days, side hustles and making money online (like with market research surveys) are two great ways to get ahead. Facebook Viewpoints is still a lesser-known market research platform and an easy way for Meta product users to make a few extra bucks in their spare time.

It’s free to sign up and the programs can be completed quickly for lots of $5 rewards. In fact, members of my team and I were each able to earn a total of $10 in a week, which is more lucrative than other survey options.

I recommend giving the app a try for anyone who might already be used to taking surveys online or for someone who just wants to make some very easy money in 10-20 minutes!

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