Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

A father playing basketball with his two daughters outside
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Keeping track of time is a bigger challenge than usual these days, but we’ve got you covered. 2020 has felt like the longest year on record, but we just entered June, meaning there’s a few weeks until Father’s Day. To be specific, Father’s Day this year is on June 21st.

Things are tumultuous these days, but Father’s Day is still probably on your mind. We can help make that a little easier too. If you’re stumped trying to find a gift or plan the day, here are some ideas to help get you going.

Making Father’s Day Plans

Each state has reopened during the coronavirus pandemic differently, so where you live will probably dictate what you can do on Father’s Day. In the event that you can dine out safely, that can be a great plan, especially after so much time in quarantine. If social distancing measures are still strict in your area, something as simple as buying and grilling steaks from the local butcher can make for a simple, but effective plan.

If you’re stuck apart from your family, a Zoom or FaceTime call can help bridge the gap a bit. While there likely won’t be as many virtual Father’s Day parties as there were for Mother’s Day, it’s an accessible option that can bring people together under any circumstances.

Best Gifts for 2020

Shopping in stores may not be possible yet, but luckily you can find awesome gifts online.

Back and Neck Massager: Usually $89.99, you can get this high-powered, adjustable massager for Father’s Day for just $50 plus save an extra 10%. Although it’s designed primarily for your neck and back, this massager can be used on your legs, arms, and feet too. By adding heat, this massager ensures serious serenity with each use.

Customized Cards: Culture Greetings, an Atlanta-based greeting card company, offers a wide range of customized card designs year-round, including an awesome Father’s Day collection. There’s also a 10 percent discount on your first order. Culture Greetings’ cards are relevant and timely – there’s even a social distancing section – so you’re getting a lot more than a run-of-the-mill greeting card.

Golf Balls: For the dad who loves the links, a little gift will go a long way. The Titleist Pro V1 is widely considered the best golf ball on the market and makes a great gift for an avid player. There are tons of cheaper options from golf brands like Callaway, which may be good for beginners, but there’s little debate as to which is the best ball to play with.

Cologne: If your dad is a fan of fragrances, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of cologne for Father’s Day. Savior Faire has a solid range of affordable and higher-end scents to choose from. They play to start shipping Father’s Day orders on June 11, so place your order soon!

Video Streaming Service: If your dad isn’t on Netflix yet, he should be. With people stuck inside more often than usual, there’s never been a better time to gift a subscription to your favorite streaming service. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and Disney+ all have competitive options, so you should be able to find something right in your dad’s wheelhouse. Even if he isn’t a TV or movie buff, the ease and convenience of streaming services can convince him.

Watches: A good wristwatch is one of the pinnacles of male fashion, but they can be expensive. The cheapest Rolex costs upwards of $5,000. That’s why Talley & Twine offers high-quality metal, leather, and canvas watches at reasonable prices. Talley and Twine watches range from $150 to $235, and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Whichever watch you get for your dad, it’s guaranteed to look sleek.

Fishing Gear: Like golf, fishing is a classic father-favorite, and a nice outdoor activity as more public places re-open this summer. Both are also social-distancing friendly activities, so fishing gear is a smart gift this year. There’s no wrong gift if your dad is into fishing, but Cabela’s has a wide range of gear and accessories to choose from. 

LED Flashlight Gloves: For the hands-on dad who seems to never sleep, these gloves are the perfect present. These gloves come with tiny LED lights on the index finger and thumb, bright enough to allow you to do anything in the dark. Whether your dad is working on home improvement projects, fishing, golfing, grilling, or exercising, he’ll never have to worry about sunrise or sunset again.

Coffee Subscription Boxes: The gift that keeps giving, all year long. A year-long subscription to any recurring coffee box is a great gift that your dad won’t soon forget about. There are plenty of great coffee subscription boxes to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one that fits your dad’s tastes.