Ferrero Will Pay You to Move to Italy and be a Nutella Taster

If you missed out on the other tasty job we posted earlier this month, here’s your chance at another, especially if you’re a chocolate hazelnut fan.

For the first time, Ferrero, which makes the addictive Nutella spread, wants to employ “non-professionals” to taste-test their products. That includes Nutella, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Tic Tac mints and Kinder candies.

60 new Nutella tasters – officially called “sensory judges” – will work for 2 days a week at the company headquarters in Alba, the Piedmont region of Italy.

Do you need experience? NOPE.

Ferrero is looking for regular consumers, so even if you aren’t educated in nutrition or the science of taste, it’ll work better to your advantage.

The 60 lucky chosen ones will start on September 30th with a PAID, 3-month training course that hones their senses as well as learning correct terminology.

At the end of training, 40 judges will be hired on a long-term contract with the company, starting with a part-time commitment of 2 days per week for 2 hours.

Only requirements: That you have no allergies and are familiar with using a computer.

Interested? Email [email protected] with reference code ALB01 in the subject line. 

Good luck!