Games to Play When You Don’t Feel Like Working

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Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which The Smart Wallet receives compensation for, which may impact their order of appearance because talking about money should always be an honest discussion.

Working from home or guilty of “hardly working?”

Maybe you just want to take a break. That’s valid.

Instead of doomscrolling (reading too much doom-and-gloom news) use your favorite device to play games instead. We list our favs below. There’s a variety of puzzles, card types, and other games to make anyone entertained if you don’t feel like working.

(But don’t slack off all day).

1. Build Your Own Empire and Crush Foes to Dominate the Realm

Alice Ly | The Smart Wallet

When you’re looking for a more strategic and satisfying game to play, give Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire a go. It’s a free to download massively multiplayer mobile war game that lets you rule over your own Empire, gather resources, create armies, level up heroes, and basically, gives opportunities to crush other Empires.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire’s distinct gameplay is focused solely on strategy and upgrading your kingdom to dominate in the Realm. You’ll be joined by familiar faces, like Prince Noctis and Luna, and don’t be surprised to run into a chocobo or two!

Join a Guild, and ally with other real players to compete in massive Realm vs Realm battles, too! Whether you’re an MMO war game veteran or a newcomer, this game will be gratifying to those that enjoy building and defending a kingdom.

2. Get Paid to Bank Just by Playing Games

“Best ever! Win cash and play games while you bank, what’s not to like?” says Jenn A.

Yes, Long Game is actually making banking fun by just playing free games on their app. Games are light and easy-to-play (think lotteries, scratchers, slots, and more) and you can win daily cash prizes up to $1M (yes, million) and crypto!

When you set up a savings account, you access the games. You get a full banking experience with all the bells and whistles; an FDIC-insured savings account earning interest, a Visa debit card for instant access to your cash, custom savings goals, and more.

The more money you save, the more you can play and the debit card lets you earn more rewards just by spending normally. It has a RoundUp feature that lets your purchases be rounded up to the nearest dollar with the change going towards your savings. So every time you’re buying a meal, getting stuff at Target, etc, you’re contributing to your savings and earning interest!

John Z. says “The games are fun and I like that I can save for my goals. The wins really encourage me to keep going and stay on track.”

Long Game is free when you set up auto-deposit or direct deposit and use your card. There’s no way to lose money, but plenty of ways to earn and win! Plus you can withdraw your money at any time.