Gaming Side Hustles of 2021

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All those times you’ve clocked in playing games on your phone can now be profitable. You’re not wasting time if you’re making money at the same time. *taps temple

You can do it with games that pay you to play.  So if you want fun games and apps that pay you to do what you probably do already every day, then this list is the place to start.

And yes, we know 2021 is still young but these are our favorite gaming side hustles so far! Take advantage of being able to earn cash from multiple apps and try them all to see which ones you like best. There’s nothing better than getting paid to have fun.

1. School Competitors in Solitaire and Ca$h In

Solitaire Cube is like regular Solitaire, except you get to play for real cash.

The free game matches you with players of the same skill level, so all is fair. Even casual players like Amanda, a stay-at-home mom from IL, won a 55″ TV, $6,000, and more prizes.

It’s easy to start:

  1. Tap now to download from the Samsung Galaxy Store
  2. Follow the instructions on screen to install
  3. Open the app and play!
  4. Practice playing for free and when ready, play for cash!

So if you think you can handle playing some Solitaire Cube to win legit cash, definitely download this game for free to play on your Samsung.

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2. Play 3 Minute Games & Win Cash Over $1,000 Every Day

When you’re looking for more games to play that could actually be productive to your wallet, check out Pocket7Games on iOS which despite the name, actually has 9 different classic games to choose from.

Bingo Clash is the most popular, followed by Solitaire!, Bubble Shot, 21 Gold, Block Blitz, 2048 Blitz, Dunk Shot, Bubble Gold, and Cube Blast. Easily switch between games to play for fun or for cash against real players 1v1 or in a group.

Every day over $1,000 free cash is awarded to players who join the free entry events. Never be bored with plenty of surprise events and activities that give free cash plus earn up to $40 per friend you invite to play Pocket7Games!

More than $70M in prizes have already been rewarded so get in on your share of the fun.

3. Spin to Win - Earn Coins to Build Adventurous Villages (And Raid Others)

Note: You can’t make any money off this game but we’re adding it in just because it’s fun and a good way to distract yourself when you want to.

Coin Master is a free casual game that’s amassed over 81 million downloads and has earned the rep of being one of the most interactive games on the market.

Spin to earn coins, chances to raid other villages, and build up your own village to move to the next level. There are over 200 uniquely themed villages to build including Steampunk Land, LA Dreams, Magical Forest, Hell’s Village, and more. Pets can also be raised to help you get more coins.

When you need a little break from the real world, head into Coin Master to play for free!

4. Get Up to $55 Per Win Popping Bubbles

Make consistent extra money playing Bubble Cash, where you match 3 bubbles of the same color until you clear the board. It’s popular, too, since the iOS game is frequently ranked within the Top 10 in the App Store with a 4.6/5 star rating with over 74K+ reviews!

Win free cash when you collect enough gems to enter practice tournaments, and then win MORE when you enter the higher stakes tournaments (there’s a small entry fee for the bigger tournaments).

“Finally, a game that isn’t a scam! I won $71 yesterday on Sunday, and today on Monday, it was already in my Paypal” – Mzmari

Play for free now, and then switch to cash games to increase your winnings whenever you want. Obviously, this won’t make you rich, but 100% worth it compared to other games that don’t pay.

5. Win Up to $100+ Per Game in This Bingo App

Check out Blackout Bingo, where you play competitive bingo with real players online to win cash. It’s easy to grasp, and two minutes per game is all you need.

Play for free and then switch to cash games whenever you’re ready for the bigger prizes. Cash game winners can win thousands of dollars just by playing bingo!

Pro-tip: Deposit $5 for the first time, and get a $5 bonus cash when you use code: TSW5

Download Blackout Bingo for free to start playing and win some money!

6. A Taste of Farm Life Without the Hard Work

Manage a farm but without the manual labor in this relaxing farm simulator game called Big Farm: Mobile Harvest.

Learn the ins and outs of farm life, like growing crops, preparing feed for animals, collecting eggs from chickens, selling produce from your market stand, as well as resource and building management. Your mission list is never done but you’ll get rewarded for completing each!

Keep the happiness levels of your workers happy and take note of any “Zzz” icons which means that a particular part of land or building isn’t being used. As everything takes some time duration to complete, it’s efficient to keep everything running all at once!

Play for free and choose optional Gold packages as you level up to get special perks in-game. You can also join other cooperatives to tackle farm projects together and meet “farmers” from around the world!

7. Play the Game That’s More Fun and Less Stressful Than Poker

We’re talking about Spades.

It’s fast, fun, and infinitely replayable. And you can play in teams with Spades Royale, a free trick-taking card game where you can play with players around the world.

Similar to top card games like Bridge, Gin Rummy & Canasta, in this game spades always trump. There’s a competitive leaderboard where you can aim to be the King or Queen of Spades as well. Along with the chat feature, you can feel like you’re in Vegas!

If you’re looking for a fun card game to kill time with, try out Spades Royale.