Hire Heroes is Hosting a Virtual Job Fair for Veterans October 22nd

A man in jeans standing next to a camouflage backpack and military boots
Benjamin Faust

Veterans leaving the military can often have a hard time finding work in the civilian world. Coupled with the economic disaster of the coronavirus, and the job market is difficult for ex-military members today. That’s why organizations like Hire Heroes is so important to help get veterans back into the workforce. On October 22nd, Hire Heroes is hosting a job fair to connect vets, service members, and military spouses with employers nationwide to help them transition to work.

Here’s what you should know about the event!

Hire Heroes’ Job Fair

The job fair is on October 22nd, and it runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST. Veterans, active-duty members, and their spouses will be able to engage with recruiters across more than a dozen industries. Jobs are available in accounting, sales, logistics, HR, management, and more.

Attending organizations include:

  •  GEICO
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Rocket Mortgage
  • Wells Fargo

Hire Heroes’ Virtual Veterans Career Fair is powered by CareerEco, a virtual recruiting platform. If you’re interested in the job fair, you can sign up through CareerEco.

Prepping for a Job Fair

Events like these can be intimidating, and even more so as a virtual fair. For veterans who have spent years or decades away from civilian life, a non-military job interview might feel completely foreign. For starters, you can check out our general interview tips – they still work for virtual chats! Hire Heroes also has tons of great resources for military members seeking work.

You should do some research on the companies you’re interested in before the event too. You can find the list of companies and fields hiring here, so try to come prepped with questions on anything that sticks out to you.

Otherwise, the best advice we can give is to stay calm, confident, and collected. Virtual job fairs might be a bit weird, but there’s a good chance they’re only going to become more popular. Hopefully, Hire Heroes can connect you with the perfect job. If not, the organization has new events and job postings constantly, so something is sure to come along soon!