How To Earn Free Money With Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards & Canva

There are so many survey apps where you can earn money for a just few minutes of your time. For instance, QuickThoughts and ZapSurveys are great options for quick surveys on the fly, but what about surveys on your google searches? Now there’s a way to earn real money for answering questions regarding your recent Google Search history: it’s called Google Opinion Rewards, available on iOS and Android.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Powered by Google Surveys, the Google Opinion Rewards app is a market research tool that lets market researchers easily create short surveys to make more informed business decisions. Users (like me) are prompted to complete a series of survey questions, where 3 to 5 at most are multiple choice questions. You’ll earn easy money for answering light survey questions that pick your brain about your latest Google query.

When you answer the questions in each survey, your answers are logged and shared with market researchers who wrote the questions. But first, your responses may be temporarily connected to your Google account. So in exchange, Google issues users Google Play store credits if you’re an Android user or cash in your PayPal account if you’re an iOS user.

Since I’m using iOS, I get paid in cash right to my PayPal account!

It’s also important to be sure that you provide quality responses to each survey question. Your answers should directly relate to the questions being asked. Google Surveys consistently monitors surveys for quality and if they suspect that multiple answers are “spammy,” they may suspend your account.

Check out a survey I recently received about my Google Maps usage:

View of Survey on Google Opinion Rewards App | Adam Palasciano

Tips To Recieve More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards

There’s no specific formula or methodology per se to get more surveys sent to you.

Although, in my experience as a user, I find that when I make more than 10 google searches across different connected devices in a single day or if I communicate with my Google Home products via voice, more surveys get sent to me that same day which are directly related to that day’s searches.

I know some of you might be thinking: “they know everything about us” or “they’re taking all our information.” Well, at the end of the day, if you have a social media and internet presence (like every single one of us), Google and many other tech outlets collect our user data anyway. In fact, we all consent to it when we sign up for these accounts and “agree to the user terms.” So, why not get paid for that data collection?

With that being said, Google does take its privacy policy extremely seriously. According to Google Surveys, “​​Unless otherwise explicitly stated at the beginning of the survey, as is the case with location-based surveys, these answers are completely anonymous and not linked to any of your personally identifiable information.” So rest assured that your personal data won’t be at risk.

How To Cash Out on Google Opinion Rewards

View of Reward History Dashboard on Google Opinion Rewards App | Adam Palasciano

There’s not much to it: once you reach the $2 threshold, Google Opinion Rewards automatically credits your Google Play Store account with $2 if you’re an Android user. Similarly, they credit your PayPal account upon reaching $2, if you’re an iOS user like myself.

The amount that Google Surveys pays per survey can vary. In my experience, I’ve received surveys that have paid me as little as $0.20 and as much as $1! And they’re quick, no survey has taken me more than 20 seconds to complete. You’ll have to hit at least the $2 figure to trigger an automatic payment.

The Bottom Line

Google Opinion Rewards is another quick, easy way to earn a little bit of extra cash here and there. The $ payouts aren’t much, but it might help you make a new purchase in the Google Play store for free or fund your next two $1 dollar menu items at your favorite fast food joint! So, sign up here and get started today.

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