How to Get $750 To Invest in Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and More

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Investing is basically your money having babies.

And if you need some money to start out with, we can point you in the right direction.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Get $750 deposited to your Cash App or bank account from Flash Rewards just by trying out some deals.

Step 2: Pick one (or all!) investing apps from below to start and use your freshly deposited $750 to invest in the brands you love

Let’s go over how to get $750 first from Flash Rewards

PRO-TIP: You absolutely and legitimately can get $750 but you have to follow the instructions carefully!

Flash Rewards work by showing you “deals” they think you would like. This includes mobile apps and games, subscriptions, financial services, etc. Each type of deal you choose has its own mini task to complete.

  1. Head over to Flash Rewards
  2. Take a quick Survey (it helps them figure out what offers & deals to recommend you)
  3. See if any Offers interest you (optional)
  4. Important: Complete 1 Silver, 1 Gold, and 8 Platinum deals to qualify/claim the reward!

You won’t get your reward if you don’t complete the required amount of deals. Sure, it takes a little more effort but it’s legit!

When you’re ready to invest, choose your fav platform (or all) to start below

Invest in Stash (And Get a $5 Welcome Bonus)

Sarah investing with $5 / Danny Guinta /*Photo for illustrative purposes only

Stash lets you start investing1 with just $1. Choose where to put your money in and they’ll provide guidance and tools to help you along the way! Invest in major companies that you use or buy from regularly (like Amazon, Netflix, etc.) to make the investing process custom to you. Plus, it’s affordable.

As a bonus, Stash is giving new members $5 for any first investment so create an account to get started!*

Invest in Robinhood (And Get Free Stock Worth Up to $200)

A millennial man sitting in front of a Mac laptop smiling at home
@MayoFi | Unsplash

Robinhood is a free trading app that lets you trade stocks, ETFs, and options, along with cryptocurrency all for free. No commission fees! When your application is approved, they’ll give free stock worth $2.50 up to $200 for new members, with chances to get a high-value stock in Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

You’ll also earn interest on any uninvested cash too. With a near-perfect 4.8 score from 2.3 million people, it’s a popular app that you should check out if you’re interested in investing.

Invest in Public (And Learn from Real Investors)

You don’t have to have thousands of dollars either to get a share of your favorite companies like Apple, Peloton, Target, Uber, Tesla, and more.

With Public, a social-investing app, you can buy any stock you want for as little as $1, all commission-free. Plus, you won’t have to figure it out alone. Follow other investors on the app (financial experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, etc.) and get a first-hand look at what they’re investing in and why. You’ll be able to buy the same stock or ETF with however much money you’re comfortable with!

Public makes it easy for everyone to invest in the companies they believe in with no minimums, $0 commissions, and a robust community to gain knowledge from!

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