How to Make Money From Playing Games That Are Actually Legit

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If Games take up a chunk of your Screen Time or Digital Wellbeing graph data on your phone, here are a few more to replace or add to your usual gaming roster.

Yes, we’re suggesting more games because these aren’t your typical apps, but we’ll let you decide if they’re worth your time after this roundup.

1. A New Way to Earn Up to $250 Cash

What can $250 get you nowadays? How about 16 months of Netflix or maybe 50 Starbucks drinks? Or you can beef up your savings and pay some bills. Regardless, $250 can do a lot, and YOU can get that cash with MyCashQuest, a new way to earn some fun money.

Simply put, just complete challenges to earn cash and they all revolve around playing games. You’ll install the games and reach specific levels depending on the challenge.

It’s simple:

  1. Sign up at MyCashQuest
  2. Answer some brief questions (it’ll help them pick what you might like!)
  3. Start picking challenges to do on your phone
  4. Claim your money and get it in about a week!

If you opt for the $250 challenge every 30 days, you can technically earn $3,000 for the year!