How To Watch Free Movies at the Theater With Amazon

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If you love going to the movie theater but hate spending the movie theater price, this article is for you. A night at the movies is not a cheap night out. Depending on where you live, by the time you pay for your movie and concessions, you may have spent up to $50 – that’s just for one person.

Since COVID-19, movie theaters have been trying to recoup their loss, with prices rising just a little each year. In 2021, the average price of a movie ticket in the U.S. was nearly $10, up 11% over the past decade. In 2022 the average price (AMC Theatre Cinemas) was almost $11. This year, AMC started doing something different – charging seats based on location. So, based on your seating, your ticket could be even higher than the average ticket price.

If concessions don’t mean much to you, the cost of going to the movie theater may be reasonable. But who can sit in a movie theater without being tempted by the scrumptious smell of movie popcorn? Let’s face it: going to the movies also means purchasing snacks and/or food at the concession stand, which is not cheap. According to AMC theater prices, a popcorn bucket is a little over $20; expect to spend at least $5 on a small drink, and combo meals can be anywhere from $15 to over $20. I didn’t even mention the price of candy. If you have a party of four, it might be cheaper to go to Red Lobster than to the movie theater.

That’s why it’s important to know how Amazon can help you to enjoy a movie for free – at the theater with Prime Premiere.

What Is Prime Premiere?

Prime Premiere is a new offer by Amazon that gives Prime members free access to early screenings of new Amazon original movies before the Prime release date – at a local theater. You also get free concessions (small popcorn and soda), photo ops, and awesome giveaways.

How Does Prime Premiere Work?

To get this exclusive deal, Prime members must go to the Primer Premiere website one week before a movie premiers at the local movie theater to reserve their ticket(s) (no more than two tickets per Prime account). From the “Reserve Tickets” page, you can select the theater where you want to view the movie, and the times for the movie will appear. Once you’ve made your selection, you can download the PDF, and this is your ticket to present at the theater.

Please note that you will not receive an email confirmation. The PDF is your ticket. Get to the theater at least 45 minutes before the movie starts, as seating is on a first-come, first-served basis!

What if I’m Not a Prime Member?

This offer is exclusive to Prime members only, so you won’t have access to the free movie deals if you’re not a Prime member. The good thing is that it’s easy to become a Prime member. Sign up here, and you can try Prime free for 30 days. After your trial period, the cost is $14.99 per month.

The Bottom Line

Businesses that lost big during the pandemic are finding new ways to recoup their loss at your expense. If there’s an opportunity for you to save, you need to take it. Prime Premiere is a good save as the cost of going to the movies is rising. Not only do you get access to great movies for free, but you also get free concessions – all in the movie theater, regardless of where you sit. So, enjoy a great couple’s night out at no expense to you. The cherry on top is you can watch the movie again at home on Prime.

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