IRS Introduces Phone Support to Help With COVID-19 Questions

IRS logo from Wikipedia | Stock clipart from Rawpixel

When the CARES Act was passed into law, more than 150 million Americans qualified for stimulus checks. The relief package was much-needed but threw the Internal Revenue Service into chaos. The IRS had to manage tens of millions of people’s information, many of whom are non-tax filers.

As a result, the process wasn’t perfect. Some checks have taken longer than others to arrive. Some people have received the wrong amount. The IRS has taken action every step of the way to help guide Americans, and now they’re ramping up their help again. The service hired 3,500 phone operators to handle questions about coronavirus impact payments.

IRS Over the Phone

The IRS stimulus webpage has been filled with valuable info but is a bit too general. With so many people affected by stimulus payments, naturally unique situations have arisen. It’s no wonder that the IRS has shifted toward a more personal, hands-on approach to helping people. Now that the biggest wave of stimulus checks has gone out, the government can take a closer look at errors and mishaps.

You can call at 1(800) 919-9835. You’ll be prompted with an automated menu that should answer most questions, but gives the option to be connected with a live representative for more guidance if needed. Of course, the most common question is when a stimulus check is coming, but that answer isn’t always so cut and dry.

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Regardless, it’s another step in the right direction toward getting more Americans the relief they need. If you’re looking for more info on the status of payments, you can check the IRS website, or give them a call!