Making Mother’s Day Special In The Time of Coronavirus

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This year more than ever, families will find themselves separated on Mother’s Day. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of society but hit home for many by keeping people apart from their loved ones. As a result, this holiday may be unconventional compared to years past. That means Mother’s Day gifts may have to be more creative than usual too.

Mother’s Day this year is May 10, which is earlier in the month compared to previous years. Here’s what to expect on a less-than-normal Mother’s Day, and some heartwarming gifts you can put together.

How COVID-19 Policies Could Impact Your Plans

Questions have popped up across the country of whether or not people will be visiting their parents on Mother’s Day, and how they plan to deal with being apart if they have to. Traditional plans, like a nice dinner out with family, are generally off the table this year, as many restaurants are still not offering dine-in service yet.

Even as some states are re-opening some businesses and lifting restrictions in early May, governors are warning to keep the same cautions of the last few months. Namely, stay inside if you can, especially if you feel sick, and keep gatherings on the small side. Federal guidelines have expired, so it’s critical to follow the rules set by your own state governor. 

Gift Ideas this Year

There are still plenty of things you can do to make Mother’s Day special, despite the unusual circumstances. First thing’s first, whatever you end up buying as a gift, make sure it can be delivered safely to wherever your mom is on May 10. While you can’t go wrong with flowers and jewelry, here are some innovative ideas for gifts this year.

Homesick CandlesThese handcrafted candles are designed to combine the signature smells of any state. That might mean sea breezes, blooming flowers, or rain-soaked grass, but regardless, they make a great gift. If you’re in a different state than your mom on the holiday, a homesick candle with the aromas of your home for her can help bridge the gap.

Zoom Parties: This gift costs nothing to put together, outside of some time to coordinate with everyone in your family. An excellent way to help everyone feel a bit closer to home while distant on Mother’s Day can be a family-wide Zoom call. Even though you can’t be together, you can see each other’s faces and share some time to help make things feel a little more normal. What’s great about Zoom, in particular, is how easy it is to use. Even if your parents aren’t tech-savvy, they can join a call by simply clicking a link! Bonus points if you throw a surprise party via Zoom.

Dylan’s Candy BarBy shopping at Dylan’s “flower shop,” you can get a two-for-one gift with some gorgeous andy flowers. You can also get 15 percent off your first order by signing up with code “FLOWERS” at checkout, and orders can ship anywhere in the country quickly! It’s a sweet treat that shows you care, no matter how far away you are.

Bright Cellars Wine: Wine is a classic Mother’s Day gift, but Bright Cellars helps personalize and curate the present. Bright Cellars has a quiz, designed by two MIT graduates, that takes your preferences and matches you with the best wine bottles available. Try giving your mom a call, walking her through the quiz, and having a wine package delivered to her! As of now, Bright Cellars is offering 50 percent off your first order too!

Gourmet Gift BasketsIf you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your mom, try combining a number of the best presents! Gourmet Gift Baskets offers curated packages for every type of mother: there’s a chocolate basket, a white claw basket, a rosè crate, cookie boxes, and more. If you order by May 8, you’ll get guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day.

Book of the Month: The perfect gift for any bookworm mothers, a Book of the Month subscription is not just a great present, but a perfect way to stay connected as well. Sign yourself and your mom up and share some discussions about the books you’re reading whenever you talk! You can use code “MAY5” for a discount on your first order too!