Mistplay Review: Win Money Playing Fun Android Games

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Have you played your favorite mobile game for so long that you don’t even notice the time?

You’re definitely not alone! Roughly 46% of Americans play games on their phone, which is expected to grow further in the coming years.

No doubt playing games on your phone is fun, but what if you could do that and be rewarded for your time?

Mistplay is the latest loyalty program that allows users to discover new games and earn gift cards and other sweet rewards on Android. Let’s take a look at what the platform has to offer!

What Is Mistplay?

Launched in 2016, Mistplay is committed to making mobile gaming as accessible as possible. The platform became one of the world’s leading reward platforms with a user-friendly design and generous rewards.

Mistplay has over 10 million downloads, and its users have mostly positive feedback about the app, giving it a 4.1 rating on Google Play.

“This app is legit! I’ve received $100 so far in gift card rewards. The trick to getting points faster is playing the boosted games. Also, after checkpoint level 7, you start collecting points slower, so always play new games. Have fun!” says Key from Google Play.

How To Win Rewards On Mistplay

There are a few ways members can make money on Mistplay.

After you download the app and create an account, you’ll have access to the platform’s exclusive library, which has games such as:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Chess
  • Super Mario Run
  • Coin Master
  • Rise Of Kingdoms
  • Yahtzee
  • And many more!

On average, players are cashing out between $10 – $25 regularly!

Each game has certain milestones the platform wants you to reach. As you progress through the levels, you’ll earn Game Experience Points (GXP), which you can convert to Units, the app’s main currency.

Mistplay also gives Level Experience Points (LXP) to determine your rank on the platform. The more games you download and play on the app, the more LXP you earn.

Lastly, the platform lets you earn Units by leaving a quick rating or providing valuable game feedback for developers.

Once you hit the minimum threshold of 1,500 units, you can exchange them for Amazon gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, and more.

How To Sign Up For Mistplay

Signing up for Mistplay is a smooth process.

However, you need to live in a country where the app operates. As of writing this, Mistplay is available in the US, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, and a handful of countries in Europe. The platform is also exclusively for Android smartphones (sorry, iOS users!).

Here’s how to set up your account:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download Mistplay.
  2. Adjust your phone settings (battery saving and app priority) to ensure the platform works properly.
  3. Open your app and fill out your account information.
  4. Choose your favorite games and have fun!

Mistplay: Pros And Cons


  • A wide variety of games to try out
  • Multiple ways to earn points
  • Completely free to download and play
  • New members get a BONUS of 200 units just for signing up


  • Only available to Android users
  • You’ll have to play a lot of games to earn

The Bottom Line

Nothing beats a lazy afternoon playing your favorite games on your phone.

Although you can earn rewards on Mistplay, this app won’t be a full-time side hustle. You may be disappointed by the low earnings if your goal is to make money.

But if you love the idea of testing new games with the occasional freebie, Mistplay should be on your list. If you haven’t already, download the app and give it a try!

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