Pockies Will Pay You $500 to Lounge Around in Boxers All Day

Guy with sunglasses playing air drum in his boxers on the couch
cottonbro | Pexels

Pockies, a European-based underwear company, is looking to revolutionize boxers in North America. The brand seeks to provide high-quality men’s underwear with a one-of-a-kind feature: pockets. Pockies has yet to find major success in America, however but is looking to expand.

To do it, the company needs the help of willing and able “boxershort testers,” and is paying $500 for the job. Chances are that you’re qualified too. Here’s what you need to know about getting paid to spend a day on the couch.

Pockies’ Boxershort Testers

The job is as simple (and awesome) as it sounds. Pockies will pay selected testers $500 to spend a day lounging in Pockies boxers and comment on the experience. The brand hopes to get solid product feedback and boost the exposure of its unique product.

“We know a thing or two about comfort, but it seems the results of our research are only relevant for our European audience,” according to the gig posting. “That is why we are looking for an individual that can help us understand the American standards of comfort. We are looking for someone that can spend a day on the couch in Pockies, watch TV, eat snacks, play games, has excellent remote control skills, eats a bit more, and can tell us what it was like.”

According to Pockies, the ideal candidate has “no ambition whatsoever,” and “keeps it real at all times.” Previous underpants-wearing experience is also recommended, but not required. Your job is to do whatever you do when you spend the day on the couch. Snack, game, watch TV, nap – just be lazy and comfortable.

To start your application, fill out the form attached to the online job posting. Once you submit the form, take a screenshot of your confirmation email and post it to your Instagram story, and tag @pockiesunderwear. Chosen testers will get $500, plus free Pockies boxers to try out for themselves.

Pockies is taking applications until October 31st, so get your application in soon!

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