Pogo Review: Earn Cash on Everything

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Companies want to learn as much as they can about you to drive their sales. And with the world being more digital than ever, gathering all the information they need has never been easier.

But wouldn’t it be nice to benefit from your personal data for a change?

With apps like Pogo, you control it by saving money, earning rewards, and sharing valuable feedback.

Let’s dive into this app’s details and see what it offers!

What is Pogo?

Pogo isn’t just another run-of-the-mill rewards site. Since its foundation in 2020, the company has been on a mission to give its members more control over their data.

Instead of letting large businesses benefit from your personal info without giving anything in return, Pogo offers tools that help you harness the power of your own data. Once you sign up, you can save, earn, and monetize everything directly. So far, over half a million American households have benefited from signing up, and that number keeps growing each day.

It’s essentially a free app that lets you earn cash back on everything without uploading receipts or activating offers. You just securely link the cards you make purchases on, and Pogo automatically scans your recent transactions to award you points.

How To Earn & Save With Pogo

Making the most out of Pogo is all about using the data you already have. But how exactly does it benefit users? Let’s go through the app’s main features:

Earn Rewards: Wouldn’t it be nice to earn something each time you buy your morning coffee? With Pogo, it’s possible. Just link your cards and accounts, share your location data, and the app gives you points you can cash out at any time.

Save Money: The app also recommends where to save as it learns more about your habits. From cheaper car insurance to cards with lower fees, following the app’s advice could help you save hundreds each month.

Online Surveys: Pogo has many online surveys where you can earn extra cash by sharing your opinion. Pogo always gives you an estimated time limit and earning potential upfront so you decide if the opportunity’s right for you!

Left: Claim points from purchases from the last 14 days and get extra points for scanning receipts. Right: History of points claimed, plus get extra points for checking regularly. | Alice Ly’s Pogo dashboard

Is Pogo Safe To Use?

Since you’re giving a lot of personal info, you’re probably wondering if the app’s legit.

There’s no need to worry about your safety on this site. Pogo takes its users’ data seriously and has many extensive security measures. They also have a transparent privacy policy, so you know exactly where your information goes.

Many members who’ve tried it seem to love their experience on the site, and it has a near-perfect rating of 4.9 on the Apple Store.

“Finding an app like this has been a godsend for me! I’ve tried all the rewards and survey apps this is the best one yet. What is great about Pogo is that I can do as many surveys as I’d like and they have a very straightforward cash out to PayPal. It only takes $3 to cash out! Way better than trying to hit a $25 limit like other apps.” says Dark Moon X6, a satisfied Pogo Member from the Apple Store.

How To Sign Up

Getting started with Pogo is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Head to Pogo to download the iOS or Android app
  2. Sign up and link any accounts or credit cards you wish to use on the site.
  3. Once you’re in, let the app do its magic and keep an eye out for surveys!
  4. Extra: You’ll get 250 bonus points after you’ve received 5,000 points in the app!

Pogo App: Pros And Cons


  • You call the shots on how and where your data is used
  • The app scours various avenues to get you the best deals and rewards
  • You can opt to sell your data to companies and earn from it
  • There is no need for receipts to earn rewards, although you can upload for extra points if you want to


  • As with any app that deals with personal data, there’s always a risk
  • You need to regularly check the app to claim the points

The Bottom Line

Your data is a gold mine for companies trying to expand.

But this time, the Pogo app gives you the power to use and monetize it as you see fit.

From saving on daily purchases to earning a bit of cash, the app gives you plenty of options to make the most out of your data. Make sure to download it and give it a try!

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