Slide Review: This App Gives an Extra 4% Cash Back Instantly

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Credit card rewards are fantastic. Whether you get points, perks, or cash back, earning rewards for spending on your card is really gratifying. Even if your rewards program isn’t too stellar, you can supercharge it with Slide.

The app is completely free to use and instantly gives you 4% cash back instantly on purchases in-store and online. Here’s how you can jumpstart your credit card rewards.

What is Slide? 

Slide is a free-to-use app that offers instant 4% cash back on purchases at more than 150 partner brands. It doesn’t replace your existing credit card rewards, but rather piles on top of them. There are no limits on how much cash back you can earn with Slide, so you can seriously build rewards if you connect a card with existing perks.

Unlike other cash back competitors, Slide requires almost no additional work to get rewards outside of completing a purchase. Whether you’re shopping in a store or online, just pay with Slide and get your cash back instantly! You don’t have to scan any receipts or check any boxes – it’s that simple. In-person checkout can be done without contact too, as Slide creates a barcode on your phone for the cashier to scan as opposed to swiping a physical card.

How Does Slide Work? 

To use Slide, you’ll need to connect a payment method. You can link debit or credit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and BitPay. To get the most out of Slide, though, you should link a rewards credit card.

Slide doesn’t work everywhere, but it’s partnered with 150 of the most popular restaurants and brands like iTunes, Uber, Chipotle, and Lowe’s. Unlike other cash back platforms, Slide’s deals almost never change, and every retailer offers the same cash back rate. While you may miss out on the occasional 15% cash back offer, the constant 4% to 5% return is still a powerful way to save money. Within the app, you’ll see the most popular retailers as well as nearby partners listed by distance.

When checking out, simply enter the purchase subtotal and checkout – from there, Slide works like a gift card. When in a store, Slide will generate a unique barcode you can use to pay. Online, Slide will create a serial code that you can paste into the gift card field.

Each retailer on the platform has different minimums and maximums to pay with Slide. For instance, I can only use Slide on a DoorDash order of $15 to $200 but could spend up to $500 at stores like Guitar Center and Lululemon.

You can also choose to preload money, like how you can add funds to Venmo or PayPal. Adding cash directly to your balance earns you an extra 1% cash back!

The cash back from your purchase will be added to your account immediately. You can’t make any withdrawals until you’ve earned at least $15 though. Once you’ve hit the minimum, you can send your savings to a Venmo or PayPal account.

Who Should Use Slide?

Anyone looking to save money could find some value in Slide. Since the app costs nothing to use and pays out instantly, you’ll start to see tangible cash back after just a few purchases. And although the platform doesn’t offer universal rewards, the company is partnered with most of the leaders in dining, travel, entertainment, and apparel.

Slide won’t make you rich, but if you already have a decent rewards card it can take your cash back to the next level. You can earn up to 5% back through Slide, plus whatever perks your card provider already offers.

Signing up for the app is super simple, too. Creating an account takes less than two minutes, and you don’t even have to link a payment method to get started.

Plus, when you refer friends to Slide, both of you can get up to $20 in credit!

The Bottom Line

Compared to other cash back apps, Slide offers less versatility but more consistency. Its retail partners are limited, but largely has popular companies where people are spending already. Slide makes up for its limited shopping options with unlimited cash back up to 5%, far higher than the average rewards credit card. Coupled with whatever rewards you already get from your card, Slide is a powerful platform for any consumer.

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