StayTony Review: Affordable Luxury Living

Often times when apartment hunting, affordability, flexibility, and luxury are three of your main priorities. In a perfect world, you’d find a beautiful place, within your budget, without a long term lease that could hurt you if you need to move. Anyone who’s ever searched for somewhere to live will tell you all that is too good to be true.

StayTony, a cutting edge real estate company, has found a way to deliver on all three of those priorities by offering short-term, furnished apartments at a reasonable price.

What Exactly Is StayTony?

StayTony isn’t your average apartment finder. In some ways, it’s kind of like an upscale version of AirBnB, except the company designs all the apartments themselves. You’re not shacking up in someone else’s home while they’re gone, you’re living in a custom made luxury apartment.

As of now they only have apartments in Atlanta, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but they’re all in prime spots of those towns. StayTony is ideal for people who are forced to move for work and are looking for comfortable accommodations in the short term.

That’s because StayTony allows you to finance your rent. For example, you could pay off one month of rent for $3,000 by paying $500 per month for six months, which gives you a little more flexibility when you need it.

How Does Financing Work?

StayTony allows you to finance up to two months of rent, and you can stretch those payments over six months or one year. The six-month option comes with no interest, meaning you won’t take on any extra costs.

All available rooms are listed on their website, and when booking your place you can simply select to pay over time as opposed to up front. StayTony offers financing via loans through Uplift, a personal loan company that primarily helps people fund vacations.

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The loan application is quick and simple to complete, and once you’ve been approved you can start making your monthly payments. The idea here is that by paying in lower monthly installments over a longer period of time, the apartment may be more affordable for you.

Are There Downsides to StayTony?

As long as you can afford your rent, StayTony is a relatively risk free way to find a short-term, luxury place. The financing option is a clever way to help people pay for their apartments over time, but it’s important to remember you’re not technically saving any money.

You’ll still end up paying the full cost of rent, but by paying in smaller amounts each month you might find it easier to afford an upscale apartment. Be wary of stretching your loan out over a year as well, since it’ll end up costing you on interest. APRs may vary on their loans, but they generally sit around 20 percent.

As an example, one listing is for an apartment in Downtown Atlanta that costs $3,750 for one month. Alternatively you could pay $344 per month over 12 months, meaning you’ll actually have paid $4,128.

Why Should I Use StayTony?

StayTony is definitely a luxury service, meaning it’s not something everyone will want to use. It’s great if you have to relocate for work or pick up a temp job in a new city, for instance.

If you live in a city with StayTony apartments, they can also serve as a nicer alternative to a hotel if your home is being remodeled.

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