Studypool Review: Earn Up to $7,500 a Month Tutoring from Home

I believe that if we use the gifts and talent we have, it can truly sustain us. In this case, we can even include our knowledge. If you’ve considered yourself an expert in anything, tutoring in that subject area is a great way to earn an extra income. But who has the time to commit to regular or hourly tutoring sessions?

Studypool will pay you to do Q&A tutoring services. When you partner with Studypool, you’re not the average tutor. In fact, you never have to lay eyes on the person you’re tutoring. It could even be a one-off tutoring gig. Does that sound like a side hustle worth pursuing? The commitment to tutoring without committing. . . to anyone. Let’s look at Studypool to see how it works and how lucrative an income Q&A tutoring could bring.

What Is Studypool?

Studypool is an online marketplace founded in 2014 and headquartered in California. The platform promotes Q&A tutoring services—students ask questions via chat while they study, and tutors on the platform respond to the student’s questions and earn some extra money. Students who use the platform have access to thousands of tutors who’ve been properly vetted and verified to provide answers.

How Does Studypool Work?

It’s a great resource for students who may find certain subjects a little challenging and need extra help getting through the course. It’s also steady income for teachers and non-teachers alike who are knowledgeable in certain subject areas or have always wanted to teach but took a different path in life.

Once students have signed up on Studypool, they can post as many questions as they want, even anonymously. There’s also a way to mark the post a “study emergency,” meaning they need an answer immediately. Otherwise, they would post within a reasonable time frame in which a response needs to be provided. Students can also submit a price range to indicate the minimum and maximum price they would pay to have their questions answered.

Once the question is posted, tutors place bids with what they would charge for responding to the question. The student has two options when it comes to selecting a tutor.

  1. Select from the bids they receive based on reviews, statistics, and tutor profiles.
  2. Allow Studypool to auto-match them with the best tutor for their question.

Once the tutor has been selected, they provide a direct answer to the student through Studypool’s chat feature. The selected tutor and the student can also communicate as much as needed during the time before the due date.

How Do Tutors Get Paid?

Studypool understands the needs of a student and what it takes to have academic success. Sometimes students need quick answers; sometimes, they need better notes than they currently have. That’s why Studypool has allowed various ways to earn income through its platform, and tutors can earn up to $7,500 a month working from home.

Earn lucrative income by responding to student questions
When a tutor has been selected to respond to a question, tutors are paid once the student has reviewed the response or 72 hours after the time limit has passed. At that time, the tutor will receive payment minus a commission fee according to Studypool’s tutor payment terms. Bids can be as little as $1 and over $20.

Share documents and get paid every time it’s viewed
As a verified tutor on Studypool, you can get paid for sharing study notes, old homework, and the like. Once your documents are approved for quality, Studypool will place them on their platform so that students can find them as they study. Each viewed document gets you up $10 each time.

Studypool has various payment options that include Paypal, Transferwise, and Western Union. A tutor has to have at least $50 in their account to cash out their earnings.

What Types of Subjects Are Covered?

If you studied it in school, it’s likely a subject covered on Studypool. Subjects covered include anything from accounting to website design and everything in between. Business and finance, statistics, geology, python, film, java, sociology, foreign languages, communications, excel, art and design, and more. You name it, and Studypool covers it.

How Easy Is It To Become a Tutor on Studypool?

Tutors on the Studypool platform are thoroughly vetted, meaning only the highest quality tutors will be allowed to tutor on the site. You do not have to be a teacher to tutor on the site. Tutors are vetted for subject expertise and have proof of some expertise in the field by way of degree programs. Once you apply, Studypool will tell you that it will take about 12 hours to know if you’ve been approved. However, reviews have shown that it will take about five to seven days.

If you find interest in tutoring on Studypool, be prepared to back up your expertise with the appropriate documentation that proves your credentials.

Here are some things that will definitely not get you into the door:

  • Bad grammar or punctuation
  • Plagiarism
  • Providing a fake ID
  • Having multiple accounts
  • Not providing enough information or being too vague
  • Links to inappropriate sites or spam sites
  • Falsifying your educational history
  • Not following instructions on the application

How To Get Started Tutoring on Studypool

You can easily apply to be a tutor on Studypool:

  1. Go to Studypool and click “Apply Now”
  2. Complete the application by providing the requested information
  3. Follow additional instructions from there
  4. Be prepared to do a knowledge test and write one to three essays

Please note you’ll only be allowed to apply once, so go above and beyond in your responses to ensure they have what they need and that you’ve clearly identified yourself.

The Bottom Line

Studypool is a great way to earn extra income doing what you already know. You can easily make money by providing old notes and responding to questions that may seem easy to you but extremely difficult for someone else. In addition, there’s no weekly or monthly commitment to anyone. You work when you want from where you want. It’s flexible, with no boss to report to. You get to work on your terms, providing the information you know. You don’t even have to bid if you don’t want to.

How much money you earn is based on how many bids are accepted. That means the more bids you put in, the more you’re likely to earn.

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