Sweatcoin Review: An App that Rewards you for Walking

A close-up from behind of a runner's sneakers

Plenty of apps offer passive ways for you to make money. Some serve videos that reward you for watching, and others have simple games with cash prizes. Still, with these apps you generally have to do something outside of your daily routine to earn a reward.

That’s what makes Sweatcoin different. All you need to do is walk and Sweatcoin rewards you. No gimmick and no in-app activity required, just earn coins for every step you take.

How Sweatcoin Works

Once you download the app, all you need to do is allow it to use your location and leave it running in the background. Sweatcoin uses as little battery power as possible, so it won’t drain your phone while it runs.

By using your location, Sweatcoin can keep track of how many steps you take throughout the day. It’s not perfect: the app converts about 65% of your steps into coins on average. Every 1,000 steps converted will net you about 0.95 sweatcoins that you can save up over time to trade in for offers.

The app is free to use, but to upgrade your service you’ll be charged a few sweatcoins each month. The most basic service, “Mover,” is free but only allows you to earn five coins each day. The other levels include:

  • Shaker: up to 10 coins per day, costs 4.75 coins per month
  • Quaker: up to 15 coins per day, costs 20 coins per month
  • Breaker: up to 20 coins per day, costs 30 coins per month

Is Sweatcoin Legit?

While you won’t get rich using Sweatcoin, it’s a completely legit app that rewards you for simply walking. The app itself doesn’t require a credit card or other payment method to sign up, so you have nothing to lose by downloading it.

It’s worth pointing out that sweatcoin doesn’t actually pay you in the traditional sense. You can only earn the unique cryptocurrency designed for the app which, for now, can only be used to exchange for rewards within the platform.

How Can I Earn Rewards?

As you rack up coins, you can head over to the shop and sell some of them for offers from one of Sweatcoin’s partners. Sweatcoin offers a different set of goods every day, so you’ll find something that interests you.

Most of the rewards will give you a free month of a subscription service. For instance, as I’m writing this some of my offers are a free month of supplements from Care/Of, 60 percent off a Super Chewer Box (a dog toy subscription) and 35 free days of movies from Shudder, a horror and thriller platform. Most subscriptions will automatically renew after the first month, so you’ll have to cancel or stick with the service if you like it.

Some higher tier rewards include $1,000 in cash and a new iPhone XS, but both come with a 20,000 coin pricetag. Even earning 20 coins a day, it’ll take you three years to save up for one of those.

Should I Get Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin won’t make you rich quick, but it’s a unique twist on the passive rewards app model. Most of the offers listed come for 100 coins or less and carry a $20-$50 value. If you find something you like you’re getting great value.

If you’re generally on your feet a lot throughout the day, Sweatcoin can offer some nice rewards for your steps. Even if you’re not terribly active, it can be a good incentive to move around a little more.

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