This Sweet Remote Gig Pays You to Eat Candy

Assorted sweets, candies and confectionaries on display
Dimitry Mishin | Unsplash

Calling all sweet tooths: Candy Funhouse is looking for a paid confectionary taster. The company is looking to hire 10 “candyologists” to test, review and rate some of their 3,000 products.

Ready for the most profitable sugar rush of your life? Here’s what you need to know about the sweetest job opportunity of the year.

How to Become a Candyologist

You can apply through Indeed for full- or part-time candy and chocolate testing gigs at Candy Funhouse, an online candy store. The full-time position is only available if you can work in-person in Mississauga, Ontario, so we expect the part-time roles to be a bit more popular. As a result, Candy Funhouse is only hiring two in-person testers but will hire eight remotely.

The part-time position pays $30 per hour for 15 hours of work weekly. That adds up to $450 every week just to taste test candy and chocolate! For each item you test, you’ll also need to write a two-sentence review and rate the candy based on the company’s system.

Not only are you getting paid to eat candy, sometimes you’ll be trying candy that’s not even on the market. Candy Funhouse is looking to roll out a new line of ten candies, and the taste testers will be a key part of deciding what makes the cut.

According to the company, the ideal candidate:

  • Has a high school degree
  • Has basic English writing and communication skills
  • Is a Canadian or U.S. citizen 18 or older
  • Has no food allergies

You should also be “passionate about confectionary,” so clearly they’re looking for serious sweets fans. If you express interest in candy, pop culture, and media you’ll stand out as a candidate, according to the company.

The last day to apply is February 15th, so make sure you submit your resume by then!